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Would it surprise you to know that staged homes sell for 20% more than homes that aren’t staged?

What if we told you that staged homes not only sell for more, but they sell even faster? Would you be intrigued?

Beyond fluffing the pillows on the couch and making sure your bed is made, staging your home means designing each space to excite and energize buyers.

How much does it cost to professionally stage your home?

According to home staging experts, staging a room in your home will run you about $500–$600 per month. Some home staging companies require sellers to lock in a multi-month contract, even if their home sells first.

What are the benefits of professionally staging your home?

Helps with vacant homes

If you need to move before you list your home, professional staging can help tremendously. Buyers have a very hard time picturing how their items can fit in a home that is a blank space.

Enhances open floor plan concept

Everyone loves the open floor plan concept, but many people don’t quite know how to make it completely functional. Staging these spaces to maximize space allows buyers to visualize each area’s full potential, thus making the home seem larger and more functional for their family.

Maximizes room efficiency

We know from the latest housing trends that today’s buyers are looking for spaces that have multipurpose capabilities. Home stagers will bring in furniture to maximize each space in your home—bringing in the right-sized furniture, appropriate accessories, and sophisticated finishing touches.

Home staging also works to give every space and room in your home a purpose. A large, empty room typically leaves buyers uninterested and feeling like all of their wish list items weren’t checked off.

What are some things you can do if you don’t want to invest in home staging?

Interview and select a Realtor who has a plan for staging your home with the items you already own. Most skilled Realtors have enough experience to know how to group furniture and stage rooms to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Beyond leaning on your Realtor’s expertise, you can also put in some sweat equity by clearing clutter and reorganizing.

  • Repaint in neutral tones—for help, check out our latest blog on paint colors buyers want now.
  • Clear closets and storage spaces so that 30% of the space remains empty.
  • Stage every single room, and don’t forget your outdoor areas, even in the cooler months.
  • Take out excess furniture and decor. Most professional stagers will immediately recommend storing away about 25% of your furniture and decor as a general starting point.

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