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28 Dec 2016

Real Estate resolutions for 2017

  What positive changes do you plan to make in 2017? If you are looking to lose weight, stop smoking or eat healthier, we wish you well, but we probably can’t help you. But here are a few “real estate resolutions” to consider that can save you time, money, frustration or all of the above in the New Year: I will only buy or sell a home with the assistance of a professional Realtor (ideally, an Allen Tate Realtor®). Unless you have previous experience in real estate (and even if you do), going the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) route is just a bad idea. Real estate can be complicated and even a simple mistake can be costly. You need a professional. ...
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21 Oct 2016

Curious About Housing Activity In Your Neighborhood? #FlashbackFriday

Every homeowner is curious about home values in their neighborhood and how the current market activity may be affecting their home’s value. At Allen Tate, we’ve made that really easy for you! “Market Report” is an exclusive tool developed by our firm to keep you abreast of real estate activity in your neighborhood. It provides a summary of all the properties for sale, properties under contract and recent sales. It allows you to link to full property details on each home including photos, and then summarizes all the statistical data for the properties included. We currently send in excess of 86,000 Market Reports monthly to homeowners who have subscribed to the report. It’s like receiving your stock investment portfolio statement every month –...
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14 Oct 2016

Selling a Fixer-Upper? Make it GREAT #FlashbackFriday

If you’re getting ready to sell your house, and the phrases “Handyman’s special” or “Lots of potential” come to mind, don’t despair. Many buyers like the idea of getting a home at a fair price and the opportunity to make it their own. Just remember, as you put your fixer-upper on the market, you’ll need to make it G-R-E-A-T: G: Good price; good value. If your home needs extensive renovations, don’t expect it to sell at the same price as a turnkey house. A good price will draw bargain hunters, yes, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great features that will attract other types of buyers. Show the value of the property and what makes it special – from the good bones...
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3 Oct 2016

5 things you should know before selling your first home

Much like buying your first home, selling your first home can be tricky if you don’t know what to expect. So rather than navigate the unknown on your own, let me be your guide! Here’s 5 tips to help lead you through this new endeavour. Find the right listing agent Your first step is to choose the right listing agent. You’ll need someone who can leverage their expertise to get your house sold, and this is certainly no small feat. During the listing appointment, the right listing agent should present you with a full marketing plan as to how they plan on successfully selling your home in a timely manner and for the right price. You’ll also want someone who can accurately price...
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30 Sep 2016

Any Time Is a Good Time for an Open House #FlashbackFriday

If you are shopping for a home, or even before you start shopping for a home, consider attending some open houses. Open houses are a great way to get thinking like a home buyer. You can oohhh and aaahhh over the amenities you see and get a sense of what you want in your next home. They can also be great for getting decorating tips, as these homes typically have been staged to wow everyone. In addition, you can learn about what you don’t want. For example, you may realize while taking tours that certain floor plans are more accommodating to your lifestyle than others. Another benefit: If you don’t already have an agent, you may find one by attending an open house...
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5 Aug 2016

Let’s be factual

Many news outlets, as well as economists, are saying "Homeownership is dead." While homeownership is at 62.9 percent - the lowest in 25 years – it's not a cause for alarm. From World War II until 1995, homeownership hovered around 62 to 64 percent. We are simply getting "back to normal" after artificially stacking the deck with our "National Housing Policy," which drove homeownership by lowering the standards by which consumers could get a mortgage. We found out the hard way a few years ago, which was a disaster. What good is it to own a home if you can't pay the heat, light and repair bills? The lenders sold the mortgage paper, so they were off the hook, but the taxpayers...
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25 Jul 2016

Is your home ready for the red carpet?

When it comes to selling your home, imagine you’re directing a Broadway play, where setting the stage plays a critical role in the story’s impact. The right scene can make a big difference to potential buyers. Just how much of a difference? According to, home staging increases showings, helps homes sell faster and in some cases, can boost the sale price. Barbara Corcoran – the real estate mogul who regularly appears on ABC’s Shark Tank –recently told the Real Estate Staging Association that staging is no longer an option; it’s essential. “Nine out of ten buyers start their search online and without home staging, they wouldn’t even come to see the house,” said Corcoran. According to the 2015 Profile of Home Staging by...
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1 Jul 2016

Permit Protection #FlashbackFriday

Have you been thinking about a remodeling project or considering significant upgrades to your home? If so, don’t forget to check into which building permits you’ll need. Generally, permits are required for the installation, extension, alteration or general repair of electrical, mechanical or plumbing systems. The cost of each permit will depend on the scope of the project and can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The permitting process will vary depending on your project and where you live. An in-ground swimming pool, for example, will have different requirements than a kitchen remodel. Simple cosmetic changes, such as switching out a faucet, likely won’t require a permit, but changing a sink might. Sometimes a municipality won’t require a permit if the amount...
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29 Jun 2016

Predicting the unpredictable

If you’ve ever heard a summer weather forecast – sunny, highs in the mid-80s, chance of late afternoon thundershowers – you might decide that it’s not too hard to be a meteorologist. But when it comes to predicting hurricanes, the process is highly scientific, utilizing analog data, statistical models, atmospheric conditions and ocean temperatures. According to the pros, Hurricane Season 2016 might be a big one. Each year, Duke Energy professionals study historical data and weather conditions to help crews prepare for potential power outages and destruction. Duke Energy meteorologists Max Thompson and Stanton Lanham predict that 2016 could bring 17 named storms, including eight hurricanes, with three of them major. That’s because warmer-than-average ocean temperatures in the Central Atlantic, caused...
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1 Jun 2016

Getting you to the finish line

Real estate laws vary from state to state. For home buyers and sellers who have moved here from elsewhere, that sometimes creates confusion and surprises. For example, in some states, real estate closings are not conducted by real estate attorneys. Rather, they may be done by a title insurance company or escrow agent. In North Carolina, closings are required to be conducted by attorneys who focus their practice on real estate law, and who are approved to do business with various independent title insurance companies. North Carolina has a somewhat unique system. Prior to closing, a real estate attorney conducts a title search on the property. This is to ensure the property title is “clean” – which means there are no liens or...
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