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How many times do you open up your pantry and think, “I have to clean this out and get it organized”? If you answered ‘I do’, or even if you didn’t, these pantry hacks help you get organized and make your pantry functional.

Start here first

Here’s where you start–label makers are worth it for your pantry project. When you label your pantry food it makes it a lot easier to access what you need.

Jars for food stuffs

The great thing about jars is that so many types of food fit in them. They’re easy to get a hold of and keep your items such as nuts and pasta fresh. Try washing out spaghetti sauce jars and mason jars to save some money.

FIFO – first in, first out

Make sure the oldest items in your pantry are used before the items you buy expire. This is another money-saving way to organize your pantry.

Shelf baskets

Stylish and useful, baskets make it easy to organize food by type. If you have an open pantry, you’ll have another area that’s clean and tidy.

Shelves just for kids

With this hack, you can make your kid(s) their own shelves. Put the healthiest snacks in the front and at eye level. We suggest choosing other snacks with this in mind. Swipe on the photo below to see what this pantry looked like before organizing it to better suit the space.

Avoid buying one-offs

Everyone loves new recipes that may require specialized ingredients. Try to avoid buying items that you’ll only use once. Otherwise, your pantry becomes loaded with sauces and spices, etc. that won’t be used regularly.

Condiments that are used on a regular basis can be stored using lazy susans.

Stack your cans

Have you ever had a can roll out of your pantry and fall directly on your foot? Well a stackable can rack solves that problem. No more rolling or toppling, just easy access and great organization.

Hanging wall baskets

Oftentimes, by a pantry, there is unused wall space. Hanging baskets to hold items such as onions, potatoes, and anything that doesn’t need to be refrigerated can fill the hanging baskets.

Make your pantry portable

Perfect for smaller spaces, a rolling rack/cart makes your pantry portable. It’s also a great way to expand your storage space and is easy to bring your items closer to your preparation area.

Of course these hacks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pantry organization. Look at the space you have to plan before you buy. Many items are available at discount stores and even thrift stores.

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