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21 Oct 2016

Curious About Housing Activity In Your Neighborhood? #FlashbackFriday

Every homeowner is curious about home values in their neighborhood and how the current market activity may be affecting their home’s value. At Allen Tate, we’ve made that really easy for you! “Market Report” is an exclusive tool developed by our firm to keep you abreast of real estate activity in your neighborhood. It provides a summary of all the properties for sale, properties under contract and recent sales. It allows you to link to full property details on each home including photos, and then summarizes all the statistical data for the properties included. We currently send in excess of 86,000 Market Reports monthly to homeowners who have subscribed to the report. It’s like receiving your stock investment portfolio statement every month –...
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21 Sep 2016

Take a walk through the neighborhood

Hop in your car, jump on any major highway on a weekday morning, and you'll see why homeowners are increasingly preferring to live in walkable communities. Honestly, we're tired of the traffic, know that driving isn't good for the environment and have come to terms with the fact that hours confined to our cars is time not spent doing healthy things for our bodies or our lives. According to a recent Home Design Trends Survey by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), homebuyers prefer walkable communities and those with easy access to public transportation. A similar survey of consumers by the National Association of Realtors® also found that walkable communities are growing in popularity among Americans, especially Millennials. But it's not just...
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26 Aug 2016

What do seniors want in community amenities?

#FlashbackFriday Now that Baby Boomers are the dominant home buyer profile for senior housing, they are sounding off loud and clear on what amenities they want. It’s no longer just about what’s inside the gates of the community, but also how close is that grocery store? The traditional retirement community is still thriving. The golf course, clubhouse, concierge services and exercise facilities are still a requisite in retirement communities. However there seems to be a trend of retirees desiring to age in place in their current communities. Research conducted by AARP discovered that the discerning retiree/senior, whether in a retirement community or aging in place, is looking for other conveniences besides the recreational or social. So what are these savvy Baby Boomer buyers wanting...
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24 Aug 2016

What I wish I would have known before I bought my first home

Uh oh! Here it comes: that dreaded feeling of buyer’s remorse—that coulda, shoulda, woulda moment when you realize if you woulda done your homework like you shoulda, you coulda been outta this mess, right?! And because it’s best to learn from others’ mistakes rather than your own, here’s what I wish someone would have told me before I purchased my first home. I wish I would have known where to begin When you don’t know where to start, buying your first home can be overwhelming. Do you meet with a Realtor®, look at homes online or set up an appointment with a mortgage lender first? “Meeting with your mortgage lender first gives you a clear picture of what you qualify for so that you’re...
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8 Aug 2016

Single in search of a dream home

If you’re single and looking to buy a home, you’re not alone. According to the National Association of Realtors® 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 18 percent of recent first-time homebuyers nationwide were single females and 11 percent were single males. That’s nearly one-third of the total buyer population. The average single female buyer was 32, with a household income of $49,400. The average single male buyer was 30, with an income of $58,100. No need to be part of a couple to buy a home today, assuming you have a steady income, good credit history and some money set aside for a down payment. But you might appreciate some advice before you go it alone. Is it the right time? The...
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5 Aug 2016

Let’s be factual

Many news outlets, as well as economists, are saying "Homeownership is dead." While homeownership is at 62.9 percent - the lowest in 25 years – it's not a cause for alarm. From World War II until 1995, homeownership hovered around 62 to 64 percent. We are simply getting "back to normal" after artificially stacking the deck with our "National Housing Policy," which drove homeownership by lowering the standards by which consumers could get a mortgage. We found out the hard way a few years ago, which was a disaster. What good is it to own a home if you can't pay the heat, light and repair bills? The lenders sold the mortgage paper, so they were off the hook, but the taxpayers...
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29 Jul 2016

Needs vs. Wants When Searching for a Home #Flashback Friday

Ready to move and excited about the prospect of getting “everything you ever wanted” in a home? Of course, that’s where we all start, but budget and other realities soon factor in. So how do you make your dreams come true without breaking the bank? The key is setting a realistic budget – and understanding the difference between what you want and what you need. Start by sharing the information below with your Allen Tate Realtor to help determine what you can afford, your preferred location, home size – and what your expectations are. Budget – Get pre-qualified now to determine what monthly mortgage payment you can afford and loan amount you qualify for. Location – Do you want to be close to...
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18 Jul 2016

Conquer the Closing

Young couple with Key
Buying your first home? Here's step 6: Conquer the Closing After completing the inspection and appraisal, all that’s left to conquer is the closing. And we know what you’re thinking … you’ve already been through enough, and that you can’t possibly survive anything else. But you can. And you will--the end is in sight, future homeowner! In our final installment of this home buying series, we’ll walk you through how to survive the closing process. This isn’t our first rodeo--but it is yours--so stick around and we’ll give you the lowdown. Here’s a list of some of the costs/fees associated with the closing process: Loan Origination Fee This is the fee you pay to your lender to prepare your mortgage for closing. Underwriting Fee This fee is...
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29 Jun 2016

Predicting the unpredictable

If you’ve ever heard a summer weather forecast – sunny, highs in the mid-80s, chance of late afternoon thundershowers – you might decide that it’s not too hard to be a meteorologist. But when it comes to predicting hurricanes, the process is highly scientific, utilizing analog data, statistical models, atmospheric conditions and ocean temperatures. According to the pros, Hurricane Season 2016 might be a big one. Each year, Duke Energy professionals study historical data and weather conditions to help crews prepare for potential power outages and destruction. Duke Energy meteorologists Max Thompson and Stanton Lanham predict that 2016 could bring 17 named storms, including eight hurricanes, with three of them major. That’s because warmer-than-average ocean temperatures in the Central Atlantic, caused...
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20 Jun 2016

Sensational Swimming Pools: Making a Splash in Today’s Real Estate Market

The perfect complement to a hot summer day is a beaming blue pool. Take a look at some of our current listings boasting beautiful blue lagoons. Psst-don’t forget the sunscreen! 116 Nautical Point Court, Mooresville NC 28117 - Beautifully designed European style home presented as a very private 2.65 acre waterfront estate.  Perfect for entertaining, outdoor living with infinity pool, gorgeous views.  Find out more about Mooresville here. 5033 Oxfordshire Road, Waxhaw NC 28173 - Enjoy your private oasis with picturesque views, infinity pool and private pond at this custom estate located in a gated community close to Charlotte! Covered patio with fireplace! Find out more about Waxhaw here. 204 Bentwater Trail, Simpsonville SC 29680 - This beautiful home is a dream inside and out. From...
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