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slice of pie

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Mix one part communication with one part understanding, sift in sincerity and a generous dollop of local love, and you have a decadent batter of community. Tend that starter every day for years, and your community will rise to heights that would bring a sparkle to Oprah’s loaf-loving eye. 

It may sound like a lot of work, but that’s just the recipe local bakeries around Asheville whip up every day! And their neighborhoods are all better for their efforts. Traditional mountain bakeries and elegant pâtisseries serve more than the breads and sweets we crave throughout the day. They also employ dozens of workers across the region and serve as Main Street hubs for conversation and community. 

Here are a dozen of our favorite local bakeries in Asheville, NC.

Á La Mode Macaron

Treat yourself to freshly made macarons from Á La Mode Macaron on Merrimon Avenue. In addition to more than a dozen flavors of perfectly sized and stuffed meringue cookies (including vegan flavors), they have monstrous ice cream sandwiches too! Plus, there are macaron lollipops and cupcakes. Try a few before they sell out for the day!

640 Merrimon Avenue, Suite 101, Asheville | (828) 505-3602 | 

Baked Pie Company

Featuring made-from-scratch pie crusts and fillings, when Baked Pie Company opened in 2017, they were immediately one of the most popular local bakeries in Asheville. Made daily with the freshest and highest quality ingredients, the Baked Pie company thinks their customers deserve only the best. From shoofly to Amish apple to sugar crack, they have all your favorites—and then some! Can’t decide which to try? Select a “flight” of three flavors plus a scoop of ice cream.

50 N Merrimon Avenue, Suite 103, Woodfin | (828) 210-9544

4 Long Shoals Road, Suite A, Arden | (828) 333-4366 

City Bakery Cafe

Founded in 1999, City Bakery is regularly voted a top spot by locals in an annual Mountain Xpress community poll. The family-owned company sources locally where they can and gives back to the community just as often. To many, a stop-off at City Bakery is a regular part of their morning routine. To others, their cream rolls or custom cakes serve as centerpieces in important family functions and milestone events. City Bakery is more than a bakery in the community, it’s truly a community bakery.

60 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville | (828) 252-4426

88 Charlotte Street, Asheville | (828) 254-4289

Geraldine’s Bakery

The baking business has always been an important part of owners Fred and Rosemary’s family. The couple began Geraldine’s Bakery in 2013 after relocating from Long Island because they believed this is a good place for an old-fashioned neighborhood bakery. They appreciate Asheville’s focus on local sustainability and community, and Geraldine’s actively contributes to those efforts. Visit them daily for made-from-scratch pastries, doughnuts, bagels, breads, and more.

840 Merrimon Avenue, Asheville | (828) 252-9330 |

Karen Donatelli Cake Designs

For two decades, Karen Donatelli Cake Designs has specialized in creating beautiful, delicious, custom, and specialty desserts. Each cake, pastry, and dessert is a piece of culinary art that tastes as good as it looks—a dramatic confection that reflects clients’ personalities. Here, designing and creating custom and specialty desserts is both an art and passion. Products are delivered on time and just as they were ordered.

1000 Hendersonville Road, Asheville | (828) 225-5751 |

Malvern Hills Bakery

Malvern Hills makes amazing sweets, ’nuff said. But if you insist on learning more, you’ll have to visit them in person. This neighborhood bakery and coffee shop serves breakfast and lunch favorites, including quiche, muffins, scones, soups, and sandwiches. All offerings are made in house. Order online, including their signature Choux-nuts, and pick up anytime. Custom cakes, special orders, and catering are also available.

1570 Patton Avenue, Asheville | (828) 785-1930 | 

Old Europe Pastries

For nearly 25 years, Old Europe Pastries has been providing locals and visitors alike with exceptional customer service, incredible pastries, and great coffee. Through the years, much has changed, but their goal has always remained the same: improve the day of everyone who walks through the door with sweet pastries and a smile. Visit them downtown for a variety of cakes and cheesecakes, tiramisu, fruit tarts, eclairs, mousse, and too much more to list!

13 Broadway Street, Asheville | (828) 255-5999 | 

OWL Bakery

Old World Levain Bakery specializes in naturally leavened breads and European-inspired pastries. OWL products are handmade with intention, integrity, and aesthetic sensibility. Their hope is that each creation is received as a gift and creates space for a moment of appreciation. They use the highest quality, whole ingredients, finding organic sources and staying as close to home as possible. We highly recommend their fresh-from-the-oven apple turnovers made with local gala apples. 

295 Haywood Road, Asheville | (828) 785-1770

197 Charlotte Street, Asheville

Short Street Cakes

You don’t need a special occasion to indulge in a Short Street cake! This family-owned cake shop in West Asheville bakes 100% natural cakes, cupcakes, and pies from scratch, representing the very best in the classic tradition of Southern cakes. When a wedding or other occasion is on the horizon, Olga Jiménez, originally from Hidalgo, Mexico, is the hands-on business owner you want by your side. Follow them on Facebook for daily cupcake flavors and seasonal specials. 

225 Haywood Road, Asheville | (828) 505-4822 | 

Tienda Los Nenes

If you’re craving the traditional panaderias of Mexico, you don’t have to travel farther than Haywood Road in West Asheville. Tienda Los Nenes has been an under-the-radar sensation for over a decade. Their six glass-fronted cases are fille fresh daily with muffins, conchas, cuernitos, pan dulce, and much more. The bakery also churns out dozens of pastel de tres leches (three-milk cakes) each week for weddings, quinceaneras, and other occasions. 

1341 Parkwood Road, Suite 110, Asheville | (828) 253-2086 | 

Well-Bred Bakery & Cafe

Wake up early to get to Well-Bred Bakery, voted by readers of Mountain Xpress as a “Best of WNC” location. Even though they’re open all day, their breakfast options should not be missed. Enjoy sweet and savory breakfast treats, signature cookies, or a selection of fine pastries, including their signature chocolate eclairs, with a locally roasted coffee. For a heartier meal, try a breakfast sandwich (available until 11:00am), breakfast burrito, french toast casserole, and more.

26 N Main Street, Weaverville | 828-645-9300 Ext. 1

6 Boston Way, Asheville | (828) 774-5307 Ext. 1

1 Page Avenue, Suite 112G, Asheville | (828) 470-7700

Food truck: 232 Reems Creek Road, Weaverville | (828) 645-9300 Ext. 2

The West End

Established in 2001, West End Bakery began when two friends hoped to build a wholesome, family-friendly, locally-inspired cafe for their growing neighborhood. Today, The West End is West Asheville’s go-to location for fresh breads, mouth-watering cinnamon rolls, and made-from-scratch sandwiches. Every basic or signature sandwich is served on your choice of fresh baked bread. The bakery proudly uses high quality ingredients with no preservatives sourced from many local farms.

757 Haywood Road, Asheville | (828) 505-1234 |

Find everything you knead in Asheville, NC

With a population of 90,000+, Asheville is the largest city in both Buncombe County and Western North Carolina. Asheville serves as the area’s economic and cultural nerve center in many ways, including as a hub for education, healthcare, local arts and crafts, entertainment, and innovative food and drink. Throughout the city, Asheville’s neighborhoods are interconnected, not just by our mountains and rivers, but also by our local community centers—those intentionally created and those that have arisen organically. 

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What are your favorite local bakeries in Asheville? Share them with us in the comments!

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