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14 Aug 2018

The 10 best places to get BBQ in Charlotte, mapped

Charlotte is undoubtedly a foodie haven! It seems like every month there is another acclaimed eatery opening its doors. Regardless of what you’re craving — Southern, Asian or hearty brunch cuisine — you’ll be able to find a restaurant that does it well in the area. But it’s barbecue that really put Charlotte on the food map in the first place. North Carolina actually boasts two different styles of barbecue. Firstly, Lexington (sometimes referred to as Western) includes a red sauce seasoned with ketchup, pepper, vinegar and other spices doused over a hearty chunk of slow-roasted pork shoulder. Eastern, on the other hand, features every part of the pig, and the sauce is made with just vinegar and pepper to...
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26 Jun 2018

The 19 best farmers’ markets in Charlotte and the surrounding areas [interactive map]

Charlotte Farmers Markets
When it comes to fresh produce, baked goods, meat — well, any food really — there’s no debating that locally sourced products just taste better! And in the Charlotte area, there are more than a few options for shopping local. Our region boasts an abundance of farmers’ markets, each one serving as a gathering place for friends and neighbors, a fun weekend activity, and a one-stop shop for your weekly groceries. Some markets focus solely on produce and baked goods from local vendors, but others offer clothing, flowers, art and more! You can even find international flavors and specialty items at almost all of the local markets — in short, all of the items you need to make your meals...
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6 May 2018

Top 12 best brunch locations in Charlotte

After a long week, nothing soothes the soul quite like brunch. This breakfast-meets-lunch feast allows you to enjoy perfectly poached eggs, fluffy biscuits, mimosas and more — all at the lazy hour of 11 am (or later). Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to catch up with friends and loved ones! Keep reading to see our picks for the top 12 best brunch locations in Charlotte.    Terrace Facebook | Instagram | Brunch Menu 4625 Piedmont Row Drive, Suite 10 OR 14815 Ballantyne Village Way, Suite 150 Breakfast is served all day at Terrace — and thank goodness for that because we can’t get enough of it! The menu reflects Southern charm and influence, but each dish is scratch-made with high quality ingredients. There’s...
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28 Oct 2013

In-migration: The Benchmark of the Ages

I grew up and spent the first third of my real estate career in Lancaster, Pa. During that time, I served on the local planning commission and proudly chaired it for many years. Most folks who are familiar with the area know it as “Amish country,” with travel and tourism a major revenue source. So you can understand it was a balancing act to maintain the beauty and tranquility of the endless Amish farms while promoting growth and generating infrastructure to support retirees moving in from New York and New Jersey. For example, a developer would often trade two farms for one, if the one had sewer and water in place. In-migration is a benchmark that all communities need to keep their...
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19 Jul 2013

On-the-Road for a Burger

burgerI am a carnivore. I’m not proud of it. But I do love a good burger. And while Summertime is the right time to burn some ground beef on the George Foreman,  I still prefer seeking out my burgers somewhere on-the-road in the Carolinas. Here are my 5 picks:

In Charlotte and Raleigh, I am a fan of Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar. Their Classic Southern Burger, topped with chili, American cheese, relish, mustard, and slaw, is a winner … but be sure to ask for plenty of napkins. I also enjoy the basic (and I mean basic) cheeseburger at O’Malley’s Pub in Raleigh. Basic…cheddar cheese…lettuce, tomato, pickle, mustard (no mayo) … and a side of onion rings. Oh, and a pint of Guinness. Perfection.

20 Jul 2012

Here I Come, Ready or Not!

We all grew up with those words resonating out in the backyard. As grownups in the Sunbelt, especially the Piedmont Crescent Corridor, which is I-85 from the Triangle, Triad, Charlotte, and Upstate South Carolina regions, we all better be ready.

What I’m talking about is that we’d better be readying our sustainability plans when it comes to water, air, transportation, sewage and trash.

According to the US Census, Charlotte’s population grew by 19,600 from mid-2010 to mid-2011, ranking ninth in the country for gains. Both the Triangle Region and the Charlotte Region grew through all past recessions.  Why?  Cost of living being 93 percent of the national average is a huge plus.  Cary, N.C. grew by 3.24 percent, Raleigh by 3.1 percent and Charlotte by 2.7 percent in one year.  The incoming migration to the Carolinas is very diverse and bodes well for our future.

16 Jul 2012

We’ve Got the Music in NC

As usual, it has started off as a great season for concerts goers. My husband and I started our concert season with Van Halen at Time Warner Arena on April 25 – loud and awesome as usual. We were lucky to see them since the rest of their tour has been cancelled. That same week, we attended the Sugarland concert at Verizon Amphitheater and especially enjoyed the audience interaction. On May 17, we were back at Verizon withStyxREO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent, and bought Jimmy Buffet tickets while we were there.

The Carolinas have many great venues for concerts, with both indoor and outdoor. And there is certainly no shortage of North Carolina artists.

Albemarle native Kellie Pickler played Charlotte on April 20. The former American Idol contestant was raised by her grandparents and cites her grandfather as a major influence in her life. Her sixth place finish was a springboard for her career, which included her biggest hit “Best Days of Your Life,” which she co-wrote with Taylor Swift and reached No. 9 on the Billboard Charts.  When I saw Kellie perform in Erie, Pa. about four years ago with Sugarland (yes, I’ve seen Sugarland four times), she was a very sincere and enjoyable performer.

20 Jun 2012

One of Charlotte’s “Secret” Treasures

Twelve years ago, a good friend of mine met me in Charlotte to show me one of the city’s “secrets”. He asked me to meet him at a parking lot on North Davidson Street.  Now, 12 years ago, there wasn’t much to do in uptown Charlotte, and there certainly wasn’t much to do in NoDa (North Davidson), so I was excited to see what he had planned.

I traveled down Trade, hooked a left onto North Davidson, kept going through First Ward, and then under the Brookshire to what is now known as NoDa. Twelve years ago, this area was just beginning to show signs of life, so my curiosity was really up.

He was waiting for me in the parking lot, and together we walked over to my “surprise”.  We walked in to a small house, nothing special really, and came out into the McGill Rose Garden full of breathtaking beauty!

13 Jun 2012

You’re Known by the Company You Keep

One of the sayings I heard frequently while growing up is “You’re known by the company you keep.” Today, I believe the saying rings true for both personal and professional situations.

I’m proud about the company I keep myself, and especially proud of the company that the Allen Tate Companies keep.

Recently, two national ranking reports for real estate were released for 2011 – Real Trends 500 and RIS MediaOn both reports, Allen Tate is ranked in the Top 10 in closed transaction sides among privately owned, non-franchised real estate companies and in the Top 20 among all real estate companies. The honorees on these two lists represent some of the best real estate companies across the nation. We’re honored to be among them, especially those (like us) who have a tradition of focusing on the individual homeownership experience vs. transaction numbers.

8 Jun 2012

Have a Picnic with History

Where is that you ask? For our South Carolina and Charlotte areas, it’s right here in your back door! Just down the street in Lancaster, South Carolina is the picturesque, history enriched, beautiful Andrew Jackson State Park.

Yes, you may already know that Lancaster, SC claims fame to Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the United States.  South Carolina has honored him by instituting this state park just over the North Carolina line on Hwy 521 South. As a school aged youngster, I enjoyed taking field trips to this park during my history classes, family outings, and I recently visited some family members that were camping here. This last time I really took time to take in the beauty of the park.


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