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Is your dream kitchen modern and sleek? Cozy and rustic? Colorful and artistic?

No matter what it is, there’s a backsplash that can help bring your space to life.

Designed to protect your walls from grease and other liquids while cooking, the backsplash has transformed into a home decor staple and has the power to define a kitchen’s personality.

In need of some inspiration? We’ve gathered 8 of our favorite backsplash ideas to help you add some color, texture, and character to your kitchen.

Patterned tile

While we seem to be moving away from that traditional white subway tile this year, that doesn’t mean we have to do away with tile completely.

Add a splash of color and personality to your kitchen when you use a fun pattern like this beautiful Moroccan-style tile.  

Slab style

In 2020, we are seeing designers opting for bigger slabs of material like marble and quartz to create kitchen backsplashes. This “slab style” is sure to tie your kitchen together and create an overall smoother finish.

Matching countertop and backsplash

For those who are thinking about experimenting with slab style backsplash, consider picking the same material as your countertops.

Extending the countertop material up the backsplash creates a sleek, contemporary look. It is also a perfect backdrop for open shelving, displaying your dishes and kitchen accessories.

Unconventional materials

A new decade is the perfect time to experiment with new, out-of-the-box design. If you’re willing to make some bold changes to your kitchen, go for materials such as copper or tin sheets.

The perfect way to spice up an otherwise standard kitchen, these materials are a durable and unique backdrop that add character and visual interest.


A farmhouse staple, shiplap is a rustic and versatile backsplash option. Stain it, paint it or leave the wood in it’s natural state.

However you decide to incorporate it, shiplap offers an organic vibe to the space without being too distracting.

This would be a nice, neutral backdrop if you’re wanting to go bold somewhere else in the kitchen like cabinets or countertops.


A trend throughout the home in 2021, wallpaper is making a comeback and wants to make an appearance in your kitchen.

With a plethora of amazing peel-and-stick wallpapers, this can actually be one of the best choices for homeowners looking for a less permanent option.

Allow your backsplash to serve as the statement wall in your kitchen and go for something more bold and colorful, or stick to the basics with a more neutral pattern.


Terrazzo can be a great backdrop anywhere in the home; especially when used in the kitchen.

Made from a combination of stones such as marble, glass, granite, and quartz and held together with resin or concrete, it’s a durable material that adds a bit of spunk to your space.

Go for large statement stones or smaller speckled pieces to create a look that fits in your kitchen.

Brick veneer

If your kitchen is need of something a little more traditional, brick has timeless charm that is unmatched.

Unlike conventional brick walls, brick veneer can be installed in a thin single layer over metal, wood, concrete, or directly over drywall with constructive adhesive.

This makes it a great choice for a DIY project, especially if you’re going for that rustic farmhouse look.

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