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Last Updated on September 8, 2022

All-white everything seemed to be the trend of home decor over the last few years. And while white kitchens will always be in style, some homeowners are moving more towards color, especially in the kitchen.

If a kitchen renovation or refresh is in your future and you’re itching for just a little color, try these colorful trends.

Mushroom cabinets

First there was beige, then greige and now, mushroom. Mushroom is a beautiful paint color that has notes of beige, gray and a touch of olive. If you’re seeking a warm neutral color for your kitchen cabinets, it’s time to explore mushroom. 

Add color with accessories

We get it, sometimes committing to a lot of color for your cabinet or countertop choice can be a bit daunting, since those elements are so permanent. So if you’re craving color, but don’t want to get bored of your decision later, try adding color through the use of fun accessories like lighting or chairs. Even something as simple as adding a toaster with a funky color or brightly colored salt and pepper shakers can mix things up a bit.

Go retro

Add a splash of color in an otherwise neutral kitchen when you incorporate a colorful appliance. Homeowners are having fun with retro-looking stovetops and refrigerators. You’ll be amazed at how much color a green retro fridge adds to the space! 

Experiment with color on the island

Dip your toes in a fresh new color when you add a fun hue to your kitchen island. Many homeowners are loving the trend of using a different color and countertop material for their island. We love how it breaks up the space and adds a fun visual element, too.

Get creative with the backsplash

While white subway tile is classic and timeless, there’s no rule that says you can’t get a little creative with your backsplash tile color or pattern. Have fun with color when you incorporate funky patterns, blue or green colored-tile or even brick! If there’s a color you’re trying to pull into your kitchen from your adjoining living room, it’s a great idea to use it in your backsplash for added flow and cohesion.

Add colorful window treatments

Hesitant to commit to too much color? Add a little something to an otherwise neutral kitchen by getting creative with your window treatments. This is likely one of the safe ways to see how you like a little color in your space, as you can easily–and affordably– change them up if it doesn’t suit you.

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