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8 Jul 2016

The ABCs of HOAs #FlashbackFriday

If you live in a home, condo or townhome built in the last decade, there’s a good chance you have a Homeowners Association (HOA) as part of your world. HOAs usually oversee condominium buildings, townhomes, planned neighborhoods and some subdivisions, and enforce bylaws and collect fees when rules are broken or dues are unpaid. In addition to being responsible for maintaining common areas, HOAs usually set covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs). These types of rules may cover issues such as exterior paint colors, whether you can have a satellite dish, the size and type of pets permitted, etc. In single-family home areas, covenants may cover types of vehicles allowed to park on the street or in a driveway (no RVs, for example),...
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6 Jul 2016

Be inspired!

Looking for something different to do? Look no further than all around you and enjoy some of the great public art in the Carolinas. The Greater Charlotte Area Look around the streets of Charlotte and you'll find hundreds of works of art that add to Charlotte's vibrant creative scene.  Some works such as Metamorphosis, which moves, combines science and art. Other favorites include the Firebird at the entrance to the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art and the iconic sculptures at Trade and Tryon. The Town of Davidson boasts three new public art works —The Dance of Life, Book Garden, and artist Andy Dunhill's Bouquet for Davidson. Beyond Walls in Cornelius is this year’s annual public art exhibition. The show takes place at Robbins Park,...
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27 Jun 2016

Offer Accepted –Now What?

Buying your first home? Here's Step 5: Offer Accepted –Now What? Shut the front door. Your offer was approved! Cue your best Katy Perry “Roar” karaoke performance, right?! Wrong--or not just yet. You’ve still got the appraisal and the inspection to ace before you can belt out the chorus to your favorite anthem. Ace the Appraisal Typically--unless you’re independently wealthy, and wouldn’t that be fabulous--three parties have to agree on the sale price of a home: The buyer, the seller and the lender. And since the lender’s got a lot of skin in the game, they’ll want to make sure your home is actually worth what you’re paying for it--which is the reason for an appraisal. “An appraisal is performed by a third party...
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24 Jun 2016

Let’s do brunch

It’s Friday, the day when you firm up weekend plans between trying to finish already overdue projects at work. Which means it’s time to think about where to get your bacon fix on Saturday or Sunday morning. (Yeah, we said bacon. Sorry.) Brunch is that perfect combination of breakfast and lunch that allows you to sleep in and then pretend you’re doing something fancy your mother would approve of. Think of it as an eating version of multi-tasking, with a cocktail. Hungry yet? Here’s our favorite brunch spots throughout the Carolinas. Charlotte Area Terrace Cafe, Charlotte, NC – At Terrace Cafe, every day is Sunday, as patrons can enjoy a brunch menu each and every day they dine. Here you’ll find house specialties like...
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23 Jun 2016

Keeping Your Cool

How many times have you opened the refrigerator door, just to see what's in there? Contrary to what your mother told you, holding the door open won't raise your electric bill significantly, but it will contribute to wear-and-tear on this important appliance. According to 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, refrigerators are the appliances with the most warranty claims each year and the second most warranty claims overall (behind HVAC). “A refrigerator is a household appliance that we use multiple times every day without even thinking about it,” said Adam McCall, manager, Allen Tate Client Relations. “But it’s one we really can’t live without for very long if something breaks.” One of the reasons that refrigerators experience a high number of breakdowns is the condenser fan...
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