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Now through June 10, you can enter for your chance to win the HGTV Smart Home, located in Atlanta, Georgia. While there will be only one lucky winner of this smart home, many of us can take design cues from this cleverly designed and carefully planned space and incorporate them into our homes. To that end, here are 7 design trends we love from the latest HGTV Smart Home.

Multipurpose rooms

Multifunctional rooms have been majorly trending since 2020, and if this Smart Home is any indication of where the trend’s heading, we’d say it isn’t going anywhere fast. On the first floor, the home’s main living room features a large library and a workstation, that is tastefully decorated to blend right into the library wall when not in use.

In the media room, guests and homeowners can enjoy a space to watch a game, play cards, entertain (thanks to the room’s built in beverage station) and relax after a long day.

A desire to keep the kitchen clean and streamlined

The trend of removing all appliances from the kitchen counters continues and with the HGTV Smart Home, not only are the appliances off the kitchen counters, but they’re in an entirely different room all together. A large-scale pantry featuring a place for each appliance, microwave, beverage fridge, food storage, and even an additional prep station works double time to allow the main area to be clutter-free.

Moody colors

The modern farmhouse trend continues to make its mark! Designer Tiffany Brooks was drawn to moody and dark hues for this home and chose highly saturated colors like charcoal, black, and dark olive, that can be spotted both on the interior and exterior.

Curated outdoor living spaces

There’s almost as much room to relax and entertain outside as there is inside. The wrap-around deck features four conversation places and two different areas to enjoy a meal with family or friends, plus a large space for grilling up a yummy dinner. Bifold patio doors create an indoor-outdoor experience, producing a seamless atmosphere, which is perfect for large gatherings in the spring and fall.

The true hero of the outdoor entertaining experience is the fire pit, which plays music while the fire dances to the rhythm. The deck is also built using heat-mitigation technology, which allows homeowners to walk comfortably on it during the hot summer months.

Jewel tones

This home features almost every color in the rainbow, but there seems to be a desire to incorporate jewel tones throughout the home. Blush, jade, and turquoise make colorful statements throughout the home and are nice compliments to the more muted tones of olive green and black found in the home.

Steel roofing

The large steel roof is designed to reflect solar radiant heat, which reduces cooling costs during the summers–a genius idea for a home located in Atlanta, GA! Besides keeping A/C costs down, the roofing material can be recycled at the end of its 50 year lifespan.

An emphasis on natural light

While the home has ample windows, skylights allow for even more natural light to flood the home’s many spaces. Skylights are featured in nearly every room possible and in the bedroom, the skylights are equipped with technology that recognizes rain and features blackout shades, ensuring a peaceful night’s rest for the homeowners.

Register to win the HGTV Smart Home now through June 10.

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