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Geometric designs continue to trend in the interior design world; particularly if modern contemporary is your style. Geometric shapes and angles create versatility in a space, and add a captivating feature to your home.

Some designers set the tone of a home with colors or florals, but you can easily create a subtle or dramatic look with the use of mixed geometrical patterns. 

One of our recent listings, in Durham, NC, featured a stunning, herringbone fireplace, to which the designer added more angles into the space with a decorative pillow and diamond-shaped, shag rug, then topped it off with a circular picture frame on a round table to soften and provide contrast.

The decorative accents played upon the focal point of the room, while helping to bring balance and detail into the space. 

6 ways you can add dimension and versatility to your space:

Get creative with tile work

(Allen Tate Summerfield listing)

Amy Long, owner of The Plumb Line Designs, a Charlotte Interior Design Studio, enjoys working with geometric patterns because they add interest without competing with the focal point of a space. 

“While subway tile is trendy right now I like to step up my tile game. Whether it’s the actual shape of the tile or the way the tile is laid. I love a shower that makes a statement,” said Long. 

(The Plumb Line Designs)

In regards to working with shapes, Long explains, “it’s versatile, you can meld the traditional timeless look of Calcutta or Carrara marble and format it in a hexagon shaped tile and it works.” 

(The Plumb Line Designs)

The same goes for creating similar detail in the kitchen with tile backsplashes. “Taking a simple subway tile and laying it out in a herringbone pattern on a backsplash changes the entire look,” Long said. 

Incorporate patterns in wood floor designs

Walking through the door of a home with dramatic herringbone styled floors immediately makes a statement and sets the tone for the entire home. It is a timeless look with chevron and herringbone patterns being used on wood flooring since the 16th Century. 

Consider putting down a wood floor pattern in your bedroom for a more elevated look. While laying these patterns look challenging, they may be simpler than you think with many online DIY’s and tutorials. 

Apply geometric patterned wallpaper 

A quick and easy way to bring life to a room is to apply peel ‘n stick wallpaper and geometric patterns are some of the most popular designs. There are so many options on the internet to choose from, and you could design the rest of the room based on your wallpaper choice. 


Find geometric furniture and tabletop decor

(The Plumb Line Designs)

Adding angles and lines make an ordinary cube-shaped table standout. Round it out with a complimentary tabletop decor on top and geometric patterned rug below for a complete modern contemporary look.

Gold, geometric sculptures like this icosahedron are currently on trend. We’ve found it in several staged listings in the last few months.

Compliment the space with a geometric rug

Transform the foyer with a runner or center the living room with a geometric patterned rug that works with your style. Choosing furniture and a color palette first may help with finding the right rug for your space. If you go with bold colors in a rug, you may want to keep fabrics and paint colors neutral to prevent competing focal points. If you have a colorful living space, try a neutral rug – a white background with gray accents is always a great solution.

Change up light fixtures

Geometric shaped lighting can draw attention upwards and can bring a space full circle. One of the best places to add geometric lighting is in the kitchen using pendants. 


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