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Kitchens have come quite a long way. Decades ago, kitchens were tucked away, and typically closed off to the rest of the home. Today, kitchens are known as the heart of the home, the place where everyone hangs out and comes together– and for that reason, many homeowners are ready to transform their kitchens to meet that need.

Planning a kitchen remodel soon? Get a head start on your plans when you get some ideas from the latest kitchen remodel trends.

Quartz countertops

Carrara marble used to be all the rage until its dirty little secret was let out of the bag. While it looks positively flawless in the showroom, marble isn’t quite that practical for every day use. The stone easily stains, leaving it looking quite dirty just months after having it installed. Marble has also been known to darken a bit with age, leaving many homeowners frustrated and upset with their investment.

If you have kids, or like to cook in your kitchen a lot, quartz is your best bet. Less prone to stains and darkening over time, homeowners are amazed at how quartz holds up, year after year. And good news, there’s many quartz countertops made to look like marble. Another plus? Quartz is less expensive than marble!

Open shelving 

You either love it or hate it, but regardless– it looks like open shelving is here to stay. We love how the use of open shelves breaks up the heaviness that can sometimes result with too many upper cabinets. Style open shelving with every day items that you’ll use routinely and don’t forget to dust display items that you won’t be using too often.

Brass, nickel and matte black finishes

Step out of the box when you mix and match metals in your kitchen. No longer do your lights, faucets, handles and pulls all have to be from the same metal family. Get that designer look when you ditch the matchy-matchy everything  and introduce new metals to your design.

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Reclaimed wood 

If all white kitchens aren’t your thing, add warmth by filling your space with reclaimed wood cabinets. If reclaimed kitchen cabinetry is too dark for you, try using reclaimed wood on your island, or as a countertop on your island. Add just a hint of warmth and create an interesting focal point by using reclaimed wood for your range hood.

Statement sinks 

Yes, turns out even your sink can make a statement. Resist the urge to put in traditional stainless steel if you truly want to make a statement, and instead opt for hammered copper, concrete, or even soapstone.

Statement ranges

Missing that pop of color or looking to add an interesting visual element to your kitchen? Why not make a statement with your range?

Two-toned cabinetry

Add more color to your kitchen when you use two-toned cabinetry. Choose a different color for larger areas of cabinetry, like an island, or even use one color on your upper cabinets and a contrasting color on your lower cabinets.

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