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A common question Realtors often get asked is, “Do I have to stage my house to sell in a seller’s market?” The answer is yes, even in a seller’s market, staging your home to sell is necessary. Today’s buyers are looking for move-in-ready, functional living spaces. If your home is crammed with clutter, has too much furniture or features loud paint colors, you can forget buyers falling in love with your home.

When your home is on the market, it becomes less about you and your style/taste and more about appealing to the masses. You can never go wrong with following the design principle less is more.

Putting your home on the market? Get your home show-ready with our tips!

Curb appeal

First impressions are everything. Many buyers will cruise past your home to get a sneak peak of the exterior to see whether or not they even want to bother going inside. Create an inviting first impression by adding some curb appeal.

Simple tweaks like weeding your flower beds, making sure your grass is fertilized, and picking up some seasonal flower offerings to add pops of color to your porch or front yard. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry: the easiest way to add some interesting hues to your yard is to buy flowers already planted in vibrant potters.

As a finishing touch, consider rolling up your sleeves and power washing the driveway, walkway and siding to get rid of accumulated dirt and grime.

Deep clean

The easiest and most cost effective way to add instant appeal to your home is to do a deep clean— I’m talking everything from the grout in the tile, to the baseboards, to the floors, to the fan blades and blinds and drapes. Leave no surface uncleaned. Don’t forget about banishing pet odors, too! Invite a friend that isn’t accustomed to your home’s scents and odors to give an honest assessment of your home’s stench.  


Too much clutter kills your home’s chances of being sold. “Remove items that personalize the home’ such as family photos and heirlooms that may divert attention from the “bone structure” of the home. Rent a storage space if you must— trust me, it will be worth it,” says Susan Stade, Realtor with Allen Tate Realtors.

Create inviting spaces

Many homeowners are inclined to push furniture up against the wall in an effort to create more living space. Contrary to popular belief, this actually makes your space look smaller. Pull furniture away from the wall to outline clear traffic patterns and create inviting conversation spaces.

Kristy Smith, Realtor with Allen Tate Realtors suggests refreshing your living spaces by “Keeping it light and bright by adding pops of color to neutral spaces. Coral and turquoise are great accent options for pillows and accessories.”

Repurpose junk rooms

Everyone’s got that one (or two if you’re me) room in their house that exists to basically collect junk. If you’re planning on selling your home, this room has got to go. Use your imagination and turn a nothing room into a home gym, office or reading space. Buyers need to see that every room is functional and has a purpose.

Clear closets

While you’re decluttering the house, go ahead and tackle those closets, closets, cupboards and shelving should be at a maximum two-thirds of the way full.  It gives the impression that there is more than enough space for a prospective buyer’s things.

Odds and ends

On a final note, don’t forget the little details—Pam Orsburn, Realtor with Allen Tate Realtors says “Make sure to put the toilet lids down for showings! Dishwashing liquid, paper towel holders and your loofahs and puff things in the shower should also be out of sight.  Nobody wants to see that when they tour your home.”


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