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Ready to have some fun? Ready not to spend your weekends doing home maintenance and cleaning? Ready to pack away the princess’s playthings and have a grown-up guest room? Then you might be ready to downsize.

The upsides to downsizing

Most of the time, we think of downsizing when the kids have grown-up and moved out, or when we’re looking at a more senior lifestyle. But today, choosing less space often has more to do with a desire to live simpler—whether you’re retiring or just want a cozier, eco-friendly, low-maintenance home.

According to, there are many different reasons you may decide you want to live larger by living smaller.

  • Smaller is easier to maintain and clean.
  • Going small can free your mind and your calendar for other things in life.
  • The less space you use to live means the less your environmental impact.
  • A smaller space can keep the family closer.
  • You’ll have room for less stuff, and less temptation to accumulate stuff.
  • Going small means it costs less to do more in terms of décor and self-expression.

Space research

Does a smaller house mean moving to a condo or townhouse? Does it mean you have to go back to a starter home neighborhood? Does it confine you to a ranch style home? What if none of the above is what you’re looking for? In order to avoid a situation that doesn’t meet your expectations and leads to another move, do your homework.

And be aware that less space doesn’t necessarily translate into less money. In historic and close-in neighborhoods, many times less is truly more, as in more expensive. If you’ve got your sights on urban living right in a city center, you may find each square foot precious, not just in living space, but cost as well.

Finding your place in the right space

Know your priorities when deciding to downsize. Are you looking to escape the suburbs for an easier to maintain home and lifestyle? Is a walkable neighborhood with easy access to culture, restaurants and nightlife your hearts’ desire? Has a life event, such as a divorce or unemployment, led you to look for a smaller home for financial reasons?

If you are searching for a smaller home, let your Realtor® know how small you’re willing to go. I downsized to a townhome several years ago, and while there was an adjustment period at first in getting used to less space, it’s a decision I’ve never regretted.



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