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When it comes to interior design, the year 2024 will be all about making a statement. Whether that’s incorporating statement lighting, choosing a statement stone or going with a statement color, design pros are urging homeowners to make some bold decisions this year. Here is a look at what’s trending this year.

Statement lighting

Glam lighting that makes a statement will be huge in 2024, both in luxury new construction and remodeling trends. Expect to see sculptural pendants, oversized chandeliers, and artistic floor lamps steal the show and finally demand the attention they deserve.

Property featured: 3735 Abingdon Road Charlotte, NC 28211, Listed by Amy Peterson

The color blue

We’ve been hinting that color was coming back in a big way, and now it’s official back in. After years of white-washed walls, homeowners and designers are embracing color. Taking cues from the Sherwin Williams 2024 color of the year, Upward, a medium-light blue hue, the color blue is majorly trending in interior design. Expect to see blue walls, blue cabinetry, blue kitchens, blue exteriors, and even blue appliances in the coming years.

Besides the paint color shown above (Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue) we love blue colors like Sherwin Williams Debonair, Breezy, Stardew and Tradewind and Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue and Glass Slipper.

Statement stone

Expect to see natural stone used extensively in the coming years. While quartz is still the leading material used in kitchens, natural stone elements like quartzite, granite and marble are starting to rise in popularity. Outside of the kitchen, homeowners are racing to make a splash with large-scale uses of natural stone on floors, fireplaces and in the bathroom.

Featured property: 216 Rio Verde Drive Zirconia, NC 28790 Listed by: Steve Dozier and Kim Owen

Color drenching

Color drenching, or rather, the art of painting absolutely everything from the walls, trim, woodwork, and even the ceiling, is very big right now.

When choosing to color-drench a room, most are opting to do so with bold colors, aiming to really make a statement. While homeowners aren’t running to color-drench every room in their house, they are reserving a few special spaces, like a formal dining or sitting room, an office, or even a powder room to showcase this bold technique.

Mixing metals

The easiest way to give your home that “custom” look is to mix and match metals. Black hardware, chrome or polished nickel, and brass elements can all live in harmony–and should. The only rules to follow here are to keep your plumbing fixtures the same and look to your decor when deciding on how to incorporate other metals.

Layered lighting

Designers have been embracing the trend of layered lighting for decades, and it’s now catching on everywhere. With the goal of creating a cozy atmosphere, lighting trends today encourage homeowners to add a mix of ambiance lighting, task lighting, and overhead lighting.

For the coziest atmosphere, use only task and ambiance lighting once the sun goes down. And just when you think you’ve added enough lamps to a space, add one more.

Featured property: 1101 Farm Creek Road listed by Kim Trouten and Vicki Ford

Bringing the outside in

While smart home features have been trending for a while now, there’s been a push to return to simpler times while at home, allowing homeowners the opportunity to create a space to recharge without technology.

We love how this bathroom, with the large picturesque window showcasing the beauty of the great outdoors, allows the homeowner to do just that.

Featured property: 247 Fall Creek Drive, Chimney Rock, NC 28720 Listed by Rebecca Dougherty

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