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Upgrading your home to help it sell faster or for more money can be challenging. There’s a delicate balance between remodeling to fit your style and taste, while also keeping buyers’ preferences at the forefront.

If you’ve got your eye on a major renovation project, it’s always best to consult with a Realtor so you can be sure to recoup your investment when your home sells.

On the contrary, if a full-scale kitchen renovation isn’t in the budget, but you’d still like to improve your home’s overall aesthetic, there are many inexpensive projects you can complete that will really wow buyers.

Ready to tackle a home improvement project? Here are 6 of the best cost-effective projects that yield the most financial return in the future.

Create more room for storage

At the top of most buyers’ wish lists is the need for more storage. If your home seems cramped and void of storage space, buyers might be turned off. Consider installing inexpensive closet storage systems designed to maximize even the tiniest closet. Next, tackle your pantry.

If it seems cluttered and seriously lacking in space and organization, invest in clear food storage containers and pantry organization products. You may even add pegboards for tools and overhead storage racks to your garage. Aim to leave about 30% of each storage area empty to show storage potential.

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Replace your garage doors

Removing old garage doors in favor of newer steel doors with a modern feel is actually one of the smartest investments you can make. You’ll recover about 98% of the cost of new garage doors when you sell and seriously increase your curb appeal in the meantime.

Paint your walls in neutral tones

Paint is incredibly inexpensive and can dramatically transform the look of your space. Choose neutral tones that will work for your taste, while satisfying buyers’ preferences down the road. If you have small rooms, you can instantly make them larger by choosing a bright, neutral. In 2022, buyers have really turned away from gray paint colors and are moving on to soft whites, balanced beiges and neutral taupes.

Install trim work or moulding 

Consider sprucing up your space by adding crown moulding, chair rail, board and batten or even shiplap.  Quickly elevate the look of a dining room, formal living room or a master bedroom when you add trim work to the space. You may even consider replacing outdated door and window trim in favor of a more modern look.

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Upgrade your home’s insulation 

While not exactly a fun way to spend money, upgrading your home’s insulation will save you money for years to come. This project can typically be completed for around $1,500 – $2,000 and tends to shave off about 10% of your heating and air bill each month.

Enhance your landscaping

Nothing makes buyers happier than a home boasting good curb appeal. A lush green yard, outdoor lighting, freshly planted flowers, shrubs and mulch all work well together to enhance your curb appeal. For a less expensive route, get started early and landscape your yard yourself. You’ll save thousands and likely come out way ahead of your investment when you sell.

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