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If you’ve watched even five minutes of HGTV you know most buyers are all looking for the same few elements in a home. 

 Curious to see if what buyers like on reality TV aligns with actual reality?

Here’s our list of top home features buyers want most. 

Hardwood floors throughout

Whether you prefer oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, or pine floors, most home buyers agree that hardwood floors are more appealing than carpeted spaces.

They are easy to clean and maintain, and pair nicely with an area rug. Their timelessness is sleek, polished, and help spaces flow seamlessly from one to another. Additionally, they are easier on allergies.

Open floor plan

This feature has been on the top of almost every home buyer’s wish list for well over the past decade. Spaces that flow freely from the kitchen to the living room to the dining room are sure to make buyer’s swoon the minute they walk inside.

This open concept makes for great entertainment spaces. People can mingle and talk to each other easily and see everything that is going on in each space. Plus, it brings people together, which is great at all times of the year.

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A backyard patio or deck

Perfect for social gatherings, patios and decks are an entertainer’s dream when looking for a house. Patios and decks are great for the warmer months to spend time outside and soak up the sun.

Plus, they are great spaces for kids and dogs to run as well as light up the grill for a barbecue. With a little landscaping, these spaces will have buyers oohing and ahhing for days.

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Large kitchen

We’ve heard it all before: on almost every House Hunters episode on HGTV, the homebuyers will have a big kitchen with a large granite or quartz island on their wishlist 9 out of 10 times. And for good reason too.

This highly desirable feature allows enough space for social gatherings and plenty of space to cook. Many buyers also look for places with an eat in kitchen or breakfast nook, so they don’t have to use a formal dining room for every meal.

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Walk-in kitchen pantry

Similar to walk-in closets, walk-in pantries are magical and a feature that is becoming more and more common in homes nowadays. Homebuyers look for walk-in pantries and ample storage when house hunting.

These nooks can store meal prepping ingredients and after school snacks for weeks on end. While cupboards are still popular, having a walk-in pantry makes homebuyers feel like a professional chef in a commercial kitchen.

Separate space for a laundry room

Nothing screams being an adult more than wishing for a standalone laundry room. Having one designated space to wash and fold dirty clothes, function as a mud room, and occasionally act as pet supply storage, a laundry room does it all.

A main floor laundry room is icing on the cake. Overall, laundry rooms are not only practical, but one of the features buyers want most.

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First floor master suite

While it may be a surprise, having a first floor master suite is a bonus feature that many homebuyers search for if they are looking at two-story homes. Long gone are walks up and down the stairs all day just to change clothes or take a shower.

Plus, it gives children more privacy and allows them to make an upstairs space their own. And as an added bonus, first floor masters are closer to the kitchen which is perfect for late night snacks. 

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Attached garages are a favorite among home buyers nationwide. Garages are the perfect place to protect your car from the elements.

Sporting and outdoor equipment, as well as long term storage (like holiday decorations), can find the perfect home in a garage. While carports and parking pads are great places for designated parking, they do not provide shelter or storage like an attached garage. 

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Just because this feature is lower on the list, does not mean it is not desirable. Homebuyers look for a basement space for a variety of purposes.

Some like to create a playroom for children and their friends. Others make a mancave and deck the space out with sports memorabilia. And even some layout their basement like an apartment for friends and family that may stay long term.

Homebuyers will get even more excited about a basement if it’s already finished because that means less work for them once they move in.

Walk-in bedroom closets

Walk-in closets have been a dream for many people since a young age. There is nothing more magical and dreamy than having your own mini mall to shop from each morning.

Having a walk-in closet adds to the luxury of a master suite while also creating a clean and organized space for your clothes.

Smart home technology

Smart home technology is becoming a more and more wanted feature as technology keeps advancing. From upgrades in safety–like security cameras–to comfort–thermostats–these features are not only trendy, but practical. Be on the look out for this feature to make its way up buyers’ wish lists.

Exterior lighting

Exterior lighting is very important for both security and curb appeal for potential homebuyers. The warm glow will welcome people no matter what season, whether it be spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Some home buyers opt for dusk to dawn lights which have automatic timers to turn themselves on and off. Others prefer path lights to guide the way up to the front door. Either way, this feature will not be going away from buyers’ wish lists any time soon.

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Perfect for colder months, fireplaces–whether gas or wood–are a feature many home buyers look for in their living spaces. They brighten the room, warm up the house, and bring people together.

While they can be a hazard for young children, a baby gate can protect little ones from injuring themselves.

Separate bathtub and shower

Out with the shower and tub combos, and in with separate spaces to bathe and shower. Spacious showers create a spa-like ambiance while stand alone tubs create a perfect getaway after a long day.

This layout is not only a symbol of luxury, but it gives people options. If one person prefers baths and the other prefers showers, this feature allows both people to get what they want.

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Energy-efficient appliances

This home feature is more popular now than it has ever been. Energy-efficient appliances will not only help the environment, but help you save on energy bills each month. Washers, dryers, dishwashers, and more will attract buyers to look more into your property and see what you have to offer.

Whether your home has all of these features or none, make sure you meet with a realtor to come up with a strategy to showcase your home in the best light possible.





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