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Last Updated on September 8, 2022

Without a doubt, the easiest (and cheapest) way to transform your space is by simply applying a coat of paint. A new hue has power to change the vibe in a dated room, bring an outdated piece of furniture up-to-date and make a kitchen look brand new.

Ready to see the power of paint? Here are 10 spaces that have been completely transformed by paint that we can’t stop talking about.

Not only did these cabinets get a makeover with a fresh coat of white paint but the backsplash did too! That’s not an expensive tile you’re looking at–that’s a stencil!

If painting your bathtub is wrong, we don’t want to be right. This colorful tub is so fun and can easily be achieved with a painter’s tape and a little patience.

Rip up that dingy carpet, grab a bucket of paint and get to work transforming your staircase. This weathered black look is simply gorgeous.

Turn your kids’ playroom into a work of art with brightly-colored hues to give them a fun space to play.

Swipe to see the crazy transformation of this shed, before and after some dark paint was applied.

Spruce up dated garage doors for under $50 with a new coat of paint!

Update an antique dresser for a bedroom with some paint and inexpensive knobs.

Have a basic vase laying around? Don’t toss it–just transform it with paint!

If a new faucet isn’t in the budget, just upgrade it with paint!

If you’re not convinced paint can change your space, here’s our final last ditch effort to change your mind. Take a look at these amazing before and afters, all transformed with a couple coats of paint.

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