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Learn more about Youth Villages in Waynesville, NC
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At Allen Tate/Beverly-Hanks, we believe that every person in our community should have the opportunity to Live Abundantly in WNC. For youth with serious emotional or behavioral problems, that means being able to stay at home with family in a comfortable setting throughout any health or reform therapies. Waynesville’s Youth Villages aims to do just that.

Today, we invite you to learn more about Youth Villages in Waynesville and how to help them meet their mission.

What is Youth Villages®?

For more than 35 years, Youth Villages® has been a national leader in children’s mental and behavioral health. Each year, they support 32,000 children, youth, families in 23 states across the country through evidence- and research-based programs. At the core of their services is the belief that “a stable family and strong support system can help any child succeed.”

Since 2005, Youth Villages has expanded rapidly across North Carolina. There are now 10 locations, including in Waynesville and Asheville (10 Crispin Court, Suite D-203, Asheville). So far, they have served 45,000 children in our state, and counting!

What programs does Youth Villages offer in WNC?

Youth Villages in Waynesville now offers intensive in-home programs, Intercept® and Multisystemic Therapy (MST), as well as LifeSet and High Fidelity Wraparound program models. 


Youth Villages Intercept is an integrated approach to in-home parent skill development, designed to strengthen families and prevent future needs for foster care. The program serves children of any age (infant to age 18) with serious emotional and behavioral problems, including those who have experienced trauma, including abuse and/or neglect. Through Intercept, families receive intensive support, new parenting and communication skills, and evidence- and strengths-based mental health intervention services. Specialists also provide extensive help in accessing community resources and long-term, ongoing support.

Multisystemic Therapy®

MST is an intensive in-home service designed for teens (ages 12–17) who are at risk of placement out of the home because of antisocial behavior. Scientific evidence demonstrates that a seriously troubled child’s behavioral problems are multidimensional and must be confronted using multiple strategies. Through MST, a counselor typically works with the teen and family over a three-to five-month period to address all these interrelated areas simultaneously. This includes working closely with parents, teachers, neighbors, extended family, and even members of the child’s peer group.


LifeSet is an individualized, evidence-informed, and community-based program designed to help young adults make a successful transition from foster care to adulthood. According to Youth Villages, 20,000 young people turn 18 in foster care each year. LifeSet provides transition-age youth with a trained specialist to help them identify and achieve goals. Specialists offer support with relational permanency, housing, mental and physical health, careers and employment, life skills, and education.

How can you support Youth Villages?

There are many ways you can get involved with Youth Villages and help them help children and families in our area:

Volunteer – The easiest way to become a direct, positive force in the lives of the young people impacted by Youth Villages is to volunteer with their team. The organization is always looking for instructors, recruiters, event hosts and servers, and participants in the Youth Villages Runners’ Club.

Mentor – Looking for a more active and long-term opportunity (4–6 hours/month)? Consider serving as a mentor to a child or teen in your community. You’ll receive training and ongoing support in your role, including complimentary tickets to community events, when available.

Attend an Event – Support Youth Villages by attending upcoming events in the area. Keep an eye on their event calendar for upcoming events near you.

Donate – All one-time and recurring donations help children and families struggling with trauma and severe emotional and behavioral problems. 

Get more by giving back

Every day, Allen Tate/Beverly-Hanks is impressed by our agents and staff for their involvement in strengthening community efforts through service and financial support. We encourage you to get involved, too.

Support local children’s causes now and in the future! Give of your time and money to an organization like Youth Villages that means something to you. Reach out to Youth Villages today or contact your Allen Tate/Beverly-Hanks agent to learn about local nonprofits in your community.

Youth Villages Intercept

367 Dellwood City Road, Suite 2-A, Waynesville

(828) 454-6140

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