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Here are five ways to Live Abundantly in Sherwood Forest.
The Robin Hood Barn in Sherwood Forest

The planned community of Sherwood Forest is a short eight miles to Downtown Brevard, NC, yet has the feel of being otherworldly. In fact, it is well admired for its strict protection of the natural beauty and wildlife of the area. Residents recognize a common theme: to live in harmony with the natural surroundings.

There are no bandits, but plenty of banding together in this community. Here are just five of the many ways there are to Live Abundantly in Sherwood Forest.

Live the conservation life in Sherwood Forest

Unofficially named the Nation’s First Audubon Residential Community in 1962, Sherwood Forest was constructed as a community that makes development and conservation compatible. In fact, there are strict guidelines for building and residential enhancements here, specifically to protect and promote flora and fauna. The community observes best management practices in environmental planning, resource management, water conservation and quality, wildlife and habitat management, and outreach and education. As a result, it has a congenial look and feel with approximately 400 acres of protected green area. More than twelve acres of environmentally-sensitive land have been permanently conserved under an easement agreement with Conserving Carolina.

Live the outdoor life in Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest is a calming immersion into an aged, natural woodlands. Five spring-fed lakes, multiple streams, and 20+ miles of hiking trails wind throughout the 1,000-acre development. From the top of Middle Mountain Trail, at 3,300 feet, you can glean a panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Or take a guided nature walk to learn more about native ferns, flowering plants, and trees. Swimmers, canoers, and fishermen alike appreciate the variety of water sources and small sand beaches in the community. Residents quickly learn that the smallest lake, Boot Lake, is perfect for swimming, while the docks at Betty Kay and Trout Lakes make for great sources for fish. 

Live the golf and club life in Sherwood Forest

Think every community golf course is the same? Sherwood Forest’s 18-hole, par 3 golf course features llamas as occasional caddies (yes, llamas). Here, unlucky shots can land in wildflower beds or plop right into the Little River. But the only ones who will see your challenging strokes will be the bluebirds nesting in boxes along the fairways. In keeping with its commitment to environmental sustainability, the Sherwood Forest Golf Club is a member of Audubon International’s Cooperative Sanctuary Program.

In addition to the golf course, the community manages a heated junior Olympic swimming pool—a prime gathering spot that is nonetheless rarely crowded. Residents enjoy playing ping pong, corn hole, and shuffleboard nearby. And recently reconditioned tennis and pickleball courts offer an ideal playing surface for regular matches.

Live the volunteer life in Sherwood Forest

If your heart’s content is in giving back, Sherwood Forest has the opportunities you seek to serve close to home. Residents can choose to manage a small or large garden plot, from which grow organic fruits, vegetables, and perennial flowers. Dedicated gardeners have even tended blueberries, grapes, and raspberries. In addition, volunteers meet regularly to maintain community amenities, roads, and facilities. Residents change the lightbulbs, stock the lakes with fish, tend the trails, add native plants to the common areas, paint signs, and even chop firewood.

Live the community life in Sherwood Forest

Last but certainly not least, the community also features a pool, barn, and gardens. The Robin Hood Barn is the symbol for the community and the go-to location for community events, music, theater, and dance. The large, chestnut building is a remnant from when the property was a working farm. Today, hundreds of residents gather for summer picnics, square dances, and family gatherings. In addition to the barn, the Robin Hood Center is where residents enjoy community yoga, dance, and group exercise classes. A year-long “Instant Culture” lecture series offers sharp insights into wide-ranging topics.

Live Abundantly in Sherwood Forest

At Sherwood Forest, neighbors are friends. And it’s a part of life to share harvests from the community garden, eggs from neighbors’ chickens, and information on where to spot a pink lady’s slipper on the trail. Homes here are carefully constructed to disturb as little of the landscape as possible. Rich in history, the community is conscientiously neighborly and committed to protecting and conserving the native landscape. 

Does that sound like the perfect lifestyle for you? Find your dream home in Sherwood Forest now!

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