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So you’ve finally decided it’s time to remodel. Maybe you’re thinking about upgrading the countertops, opening up the living room or re-doing the master bath. Or maybe all of the above.

But who do you call? A general contractor? Remodeling company? Handyman service?

Actually, your first call – before you make any changes – should be to your Allen Tate Realtor®.

Sure, your Realtor is your trusted advisor when it’s time to buy or sell a home. But Realtors are also your best source for figuring out what home renovations will yield the best return.

It’s important to have a professional guide you in your remodeling endeavors. The last thing you want to do is make unnecessary repairs or put money into a project that that doesn’t translate well with buyers, based on your home’s price point and neighborhood.

Realtors know what trends are moving in – and which ones have left the dock. What many consumers don’t realize is that certain upgrades that will bring you above-average returns on your investment. Other improvements may help you sell your home faster, but not necessarily for more money.

Opening up floor plans and upgrading baths and kitchens are big factors in salability. But formal living rooms and dining rooms with four floor-to-ceiling walls create a challenge in today’s real estate world. Even paint colors need a sharp eye. And updated appliances are king.

Today’s buyer expects a roof that is solid, along with great HVAC and hot water systems, adequate insulation and energy-efficient windows.

Beyond the basics, we need to hold your hand and provide expert advice. Today, 42 percent of all homes are considered undesirable to the buying public because they are outdated, need repairs or have undesirable floor plans. That’s why new construction homes are selling at a steep premium. They have what people want.

Let us help you plan your remodel – before you engage a contractor. As Realtors, we are living the market daily. We can help you maximize your investment, even if you are not planning to sell anytime soon.

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