24 Aug 2016

What I wish I would have known before I bought my first home

Uh oh! Here it comes: that dreaded feeling of buyer’s remorse—that coulda, shoulda, woulda moment when you realize if you woulda done your homework like you shoulda, you coulda been outta this mess, right?! And because it’s best to learn from others’ mistakes rather than your own, here’s what I wish someone would have told me before I purchased my first home. I wish I would have known where to begin When you don’t know where to start, buying your first home can be overwhelming. Do you meet with a Realtor®, look at homes online or set up an appointment with a mortgage lender first? “Meeting with your mortgage lender first gives you a clear picture of what you qualify for so that you’re...
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22 Aug 2016

Does your college student need insurance?

If this month’s plans include sending a child off (or back) to college, our thoughts are with you. This is an exciting – and emotional – time for both parents and students. But between selecting the right meal plan, decorating a dorm room or apartment and shopping for the latest technology, it’s important to take a moment and consider the security of your student’s personal belongings. Today’s college students take everything to campus – from computers, tablets and printers to flat-screen televisions, video gaming systems and cameras. And that’s just technology. Factor in furniture, sports equipment, bicycles, musical instruments, textbooks, room décor, bedding, clothing, designer shoes, jewelry and accessories – and you’re talking a pretty hefty haul. According to the National Association of...
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17 Aug 2016

Should you move for a job?

You've been hoping for that promotion – and your boss finally calls you in to talk. It sounds like a great opportunity – until he tells you the job is in Chicago. Or Los Angeles. Or Japan. Relocating for a job is not uncommon. In fact, a new job or transfer is consistently among the top five reasons that people move, according to a Consumer Insights Study by MyMove.com. About half of those surveyed indicated that they moved to another state or country for a job. Once you've received an opportunity to relocate, that's when reality hits. If you were actively job-searching in another city, then you've likely prepared for the possibility of a move. But if the opportunity has come up...
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