30 Sep 2016

Any Time Is a Good Time for an Open House #FlashbackFriday

If you are shopping for a home, or even before you start shopping for a home, consider attending some open houses. Open houses are a great way to get thinking like a home buyer. You can oohhh and aaahhh over the amenities you see and get a sense of what you want in your next home. They can also be great for getting decorating tips, as these homes typically have been staged to wow everyone. In addition, you can learn about what you don’t want. For example, you may realize while taking tours that certain floor plans are more accommodating to your lifestyle than others. Another benefit: If you don’t already have an agent, you may find one by attending an open house...
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28 Sep 2016

Some Closing Thoughts on Closings

A common question I often hear from homebuyers is this: How much closing costs will I need to pay? First of all, good question. A smart homebuyer asks questions to fully understand the process and their financial and legal obligations. But while many people have purchased a home - or multiple homes - few can actually detail what they paid in closing costs (without digging out paperwork.) Here are the basics. Every mortgage loan has closing costs. They can be paid by the borrower, the lender or a combination. Sometimes, the seller even agrees to pay a portion of the closing costs. If the mortgage lender pays the closing costs, the borrower will pay a higher interest rate. The rate will depend on...
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26 Sep 2016

Garden Tips for Fall in the Carolinas

While spring is the best gardening time in many parts of the country, fall in the Carolinas is an excellent time to plan and plant for year around beauty and enjoyment. Now is the time Now is the time to embrace fall flowers such as snapdragons, ornamental cabbages and mums. Pansies and violas will give you a fall show that carries on until next April, so don’t be shy about bright colors and big quantities. Improve soil with compost before planting and fertilize monthly for best blooms. Now is the time, as well, to shop garden centers, where you may find huge mark-downs on perennials or summer bloomers that can be planted now for flowers next summer. Planning your garden ahead could save...
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