20 Feb 2018

2018 tax tips for homeowners

The holidays have passed, Valentine's candy is 75% off, and the stores are already bursting at the seams with all-things-green, so it must be true: Tax season is upon us. Tax time got you working up a sweat? You're not alone. Turns out 100% of Americans dread April 15th with a passion. Turn up the love and dial back the hate in the love-hate relationship you have with taxes with these 5 tips. Mortgage interest “The largest tax break available to homeowners is directly tied to the monthly payment you’ve made each month, as for most, a significant portion of your total amount due goes towards interest,” says Lisa Green, VP of Loan Origination for Allen Tate Mortgage. The good news here is...
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15 Feb 2018

5 things you risk when you sell without an agent

While some real estate markets are hot right now, others in the Carolinas are trending more toward normal. Whatever the circumstance where you live, it’s overall a good time to sell, and you may be feeling so confident in the desirability of your home that you’re considering sticking up a For Sale By Owner sign to see what happens. After all, you can just market your home yourself. “Okay. Slow down there,” says Phyllis Brookshire, Allen Tate Realtors® President. “I’ve been preaching for the last ten years that a real estate agent’s value is way beyond marketing. It is especially crucial to have an agent from contract to closing, when things can and do go wrong, that the average homeowner will...
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13 Feb 2018

Love – and real estate

Houses are like spouses. They come in all shapes and sizes. They have unique features and challenges, and all need a bit of regular maintenance and TLC. Sometimes you have to look for a while before you find the right one. Occasionally, you know right away that you found the perfect match, and it's not long until you close the deal. But what happens when spouses sell houses? At Allen Tate, there are dozens of agent couples who work together "in the business." Here are a few stories of what happens when love meets real estate. ***** Sometimes, when you spy the perfect home, the timing just isn't right to make a move. That's what happened for Lindsey Strider, who crushed on her...
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