22 Jun 2017

Staged to sell

A common question Realtors often get asked is, “Do I have to stage my house to sell in a buyer’s market?” The answer is yes, even in a buyer’s market, staging your home to sell is necessary. Today’s buyers are looking for move-in-ready, functional living spaces. If your home is crammed with clutter, has too much furniture or features loud paint colors, you can forget buyers falling in love with your home. “When your home is on the market, it becomes less about you and your style/taste and more about appealing to the masses. You can never go wrong with following the design principle less is more,” says Jessica Fields, Realtor with Allen Tate Realtors. Putting your home on the market?...
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20 Jun 2017

How to avoid closing day surprises

Closing day, as in signing the papers and finalizing the sale of a house or property, isn’t always as cut and dry as it sounds.  Allen Tate President Phyllis Brookshire and I spent some time recently discussing closing day surprises and how to avoid them. She had just talked to some of the top Allen Tate agents about the subject, too, and had gathered some good information. Because who needs unpleasant surprises? Closing day has enough excitement going on all by itself. “Even if closing day truly is the simple transfer of a home from seller to buyer, the buyer and seller represented at the table may be filled with anxiety, relief, anticipation, and expectation Along with all those emotions, some...
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16 Jun 2017

Father knows best

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has an observation about dads: You can always tell what their favorite year was, because they're still wearing clothes from it. For their unique fashion sense - and many other reasons - dads are pretty memorable. And while we sometimes fail to realize their wisdom in our youth, the life lessons and advice dads give us are irreplaceable when we grow up. David Huss' dad was a sales manager for a car dealership. His name is Noah Carse Huss, or N.C. for short - but his family calls him Bill (go figure). David, who leads the Frantilla and Huss Team in the company's Charlotte-Ballantyne office, calls him Pops and remembers a large map of the United States on...
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