2 Dec 2016

#FBF Home for Christmas

Warmly Dressed Young Mixed Race Family in Front of Sold Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and House with Snow On The Ground.
Is a brand new home on your Christmas list? Then I’ll let you in on a little secret. Home builders are no different than your local retailer. This time of year, builders need to sell off their inventory in order to make way for new product for next year. Just as a retailer’s earnings are affected by how many times per year they turn their inventory, builders – especially the publicly traded ones – work under the same premise. Don’t expect to see “door busters” – or BOGO (buy one get one free) specials when it comes to new construction. But I can assure you that if you are serious about buying a new home before year-end, there will be some great...
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28 Nov 2016

Cozy up to December in the Carolinas

  Looking for more cozy than commercial this holiday season? We are, too and found these less stressful events and things to do for those of you who are looking to go from overloaded to overjoyed. Sanctuary Chef Vivian Howard of the PBS A Chef’s Life fame recommends the Love Feast at Old Salem, both for the special celebration and the sweet cake that follows. There will also be two Love Feasts at Wake Forest on Sunday, December 4. On December 6, in the stained glass Sanctuary at Myers Park Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, tenor Emmet Cahill of Celtic Thunder will present Christmas in Ireland. Winter Solstice occurs on December 21st this year. Greeting the winter with a simple celebration of lights—think luminaries, candlelit dinner...
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25 Nov 2016

Black Friday bargains – real estate style

Today is Black Friday, widely considered the most profitable day of the year for brick-and-mortar retailers. And while holiday shopping trends have changed in recent years (Thanksgiving Day shopping, Cyber Monday), the stores will no doubt be filled with savvy shoppers looking for that hard-to-find item or “door buster” bargains. If you’re reading this today, you’ve either 1) already returned from shopping 2) are working on enough coffee and motivation to get you moving or 3) have no intention of partaking in this insane holiday ritual. Regardless of your status, we’d like to offer you this as our nod to Black Friday: Some valuable money and time-saving tips, resources and ideas about buying, selling and owning a home. Chances are, you know someone...
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