21 Sep 2016

Take a walk through the neighborhood

Hop in your car, jump on any major highway on a weekday morning, and you'll see why homeowners are increasingly preferring to live in walkable communities. Honestly, we're tired of the traffic, know that driving isn't good for the environment and have come to terms with the fact that hours confined to our cars is time not spent doing healthy things for our bodies or our lives. According to a recent Home Design Trends Survey by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), homebuyers prefer walkable communities and those with easy access to public transportation. A similar survey of consumers by the National Association of Realtors® also found that walkable communities are growing in popularity among Americans, especially Millennials. But it's not just...
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19 Sep 2016

So you’re moving to another state

You've thought about it for a while, moving to another place where you've always wanted to live. Or maybe the opportunity has come up suddenly, because of a new job, transfer or family obligations. But the reality is that you are about to move from here to another state, maybe hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Moving always requires planning, but moving a long distance is much more complex than moving across town. Find your new home. After you've established where you're moving (and assuming you have a job there), the next steps are to find a home and physically make the move. Many people don't realize that Allen Tate Company, while based in the Carolinas, has the ability to help you...
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16 Sep 2016

The Art of Tailgating #FlashbackFriday

It starts with passion for the game and then for the gathering of family, friends and clients. It turns out that win or lose, the tailgate is often the main event! For me, it started as a young man and my one or two pilgrimages a year to South Bend to see tailgating up close and personal. The homemade grills, the generators, the amenities and the creativity of menus had me at “Hello!” It was there that I found the first collapsible flag pole that could fly (30 feet in the air) my Panthers flag and my Notre Dame flag that my brother-in-law gave me. Through the years, my wife Robbin and I collected the tools of the trade and developed storage...
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