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Let’s face it: Selling your home is no cakewalk. And you know what makes this endeavor even more challenging? When a seller doesn’t want to take the advice of a Realtor.

Want in on all the things your Realtor wishes you knew when it comes to selling your home? Stick around, because we’ve got the experts’ top pain points and how you can help to position your home to sell fast.

Price your home to sell

Yes, your home is the backdrop for life’s best moments, so naturally potential buyers will be willing to pay what you’d like for it, right? Wrong.

“List the house at market value and get quick offers with the possibility to receive multiple offers for more than you are asking, as opposed to over-pricing so you will have room to negotiate,” says Ellen Morgan, Realtor with Allen Tate.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you say, but what about in a seller’s market? “Even in a seller’s market comps do matter; additionally so does the property condition, so it should be priced accordingly.” says Roger Parham, Sales Manager with Allen Tate Realtors.

Do the dirty work … first

Putting in the time and effort to get your house ready to list is at the top of exactly zero people’s to-do list. And while it’s no fun, experts have long touted the benefits of getting to work before you put your house on the market.

“It’s so important to call your agent for advice as much as a year away from selling so that any updates you do allow you to get the most bang for your buck,” says Carol Young, Allen Tate Realtor.

Additionally, many experts recommend going ahead and having pre-inspection done. “It’s a good idea to have your property pre-inspected and then get the necessary repairs made, rather than waiting for a buyer’s inspector to uncover issues— every issue is grounds for a discount off the purchase price in the minds of buyers,” says Carole Krug, Allen Tate Realtor.

Think you can neglect the pre-inspection and just pass along any issues to the unknowing buyer? Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. “It’s better to go ahead and make those updates to the home rather than giving the buyer a cash incentive so they can make them themselves. Buyers want a move in ready home and don’t want to make any improvements. It’s too much work for them and too time consuming,” says the Cahill and Miller Realty Group with Allen Tate Realtors.

Don’t forget about staging

Often times, houses sit stagnant on the market for months because the sellers have ignored the need to correctly stage a home to sell quickly.

“I wish my sellers knew that “staging” does not always mean having an interior designer come in and bring all new “stuff.” In many cases, it means decluttering, clearing surfaces in kitchens, baths, offices, etc, organizing the items you’ll be moving, creating an excellent flow through the home, and maybe painting with neutral colors,” says Kendra Collins, Allen Tate Realtor.

Handle negotiations like a pro

Negotiation time is no one’s favorite part of the home selling process, but if you’re working with a Realtor, you luckily have an expert to guide you through the process— just make sure to heed their advice.

“Don’t be too hard-nosed, in negotiations, on the front end, because you will likely pay on the back end.  When negotiations are more equal in give and take, the buyers tend to be more likely to let items go on the back. Keep in mind, your property is not the only one on the market,” says Missy Flora, Allen Tate Realtor.


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