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We invite you to learn more about Women of Waynesville and how you can help them meet their mission.
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At Allen Tate/Beverly-Hanks, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity and means to Live Abundantly in WNC. But knowing where to focus those efforts can sometimes be a challenge.

Today, we shine a spotlight on a local organization that works hard to connect local donors and volunteers with causes that make a difference. We invite you to learn more about Women of Waynesville and how you can help them meet their mission.

What is Women of Waynesville (WOW)?

Women of Waynesville empowers women in the community to help solve the needs of women and children in Haywood County. In other words, this all-women organization raises money for and brings awareness to real and substantive local causes. Since 2011, WOW has helped raise more than $200,000 by uniting women with other nonprofits in Haywood County. 

Who do they support?

WOW is the only all women’s nonprofit in WNC that raises money on its own and gives it away to other nonprofits. Over the years, they have raised funds for: 

How can I support Women of Waynesville?

If you’re a woman in Waynesville and you’d like to learn more about WOW, consider attending their annual anniversary celebration and party at the beginning of next year. At that time, they open up member enrollment through the spring. 

The next best way to support WOW is by purchasing one of their annual fundraising calendars. The group sells around 500 copies a year and generates about $8,000 in profit to give back to the community. The calendar changes themes each year. But every one embodies WOW’s commitment to “empower both members and other women in the community to feel comfortable with who they are and find their power within their vulnerability.”

Get more by giving back

Every day, our agents and staff impress us by their involvement in strengthening community efforts through service and financial support. We encourage you to get involved, too.

Support the health and safety of our neighbors now and in the future! Give of your time and money to an organization like this one that means something to you. Reach out to WOW today or contact your Allen Tate/Beverly-Hanks agent to learn about local fundraising efforts in our community.

Women of Waynesville (WOW)

94 East Street, Waynesville | (828) 593-0534 | 

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