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Last Updated on September 2, 2022

With the current practice of social distancing, coupled with our swipe right culture, your home’s listing photos have never been more powerful.

Unfortunately for sellers, today’s impatient buyers will only spend an average of seven to ten seconds looking at photos of a home online–reserving in person tours for only those homes that truly stand out.

And if that wasn’t enough, add to this, the already unrealistic expectations many buyers have about what homes should look like, thanks to HGTV programming.

So how do you put your best foot forward when it comes to showcasing your home online, in light of these new revelations? Here are 4 no-fail tips to bridge the gap between swiping and landing a showing.

Tip #1: Don’t mess up the photo order

Photo order is absolutely crucial. Your first photo needs to knock it out of the park to get buyers to consider swiping to the second. Typically, your first photo is the exterior of the home. This photo needs to be bright and present well–meaning your curb appeal needs to wow potential buyers immediately.

A freshly painted front door, bright bulbs in large planters flanking your front door, pretty landscaping with fresh mulch and a recently pressure washed driveway all go a long way to getting that next swipe.

Next up, show your most important feature, which is likely the kitchen. From there, flow into the dining room and then the family room. Next, show bedrooms, bathrooms and bonus rooms. Finish up with exterior features and community amenities.

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Tip #2 Photo quality matters

There’s no substitute for professional photography with your listing photos. Leave the photos up to the pros and not your iPhone for your best bet. Yes, iPhones have come a long way, but nothing compares to the magazine-quality photos captured by a photographer. Don’t forget about a 3D tour or video to give your home that extra lift.

Tip #3 Staging is a must

Here’s where all of the hours you’ve logged watching HGTV will come into play. Use the perfectly staged rooms showcased in the last five minutes of each segment of Flip or Flop to guide you as you move through your home, staging each room. If you’ve watched even one episode of Flip or Flop or Good Bones, you know that there’s zero clutter to be found anywhere. Echo this tactic throughout your home, ridding your space of anything and everything that doesn’t serve a direct purpose.

Stage your furniture to facilitate conversation, and don’t forget about little touches that go a long way, like fresh throw pillows, greenery in each room and sparkling white bath towels. Don’t overlook important areas like your garage and outdoor areas, too. Buyers want to envision every ounce of square footage working for them.

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Tip #4 Consider upgrades with caution

If you’ve got money to spend and would like to upgrade your home before you list, make sure you consult your Realtor first. More than likely, they’ll advise you to consider updating your kitchen and bathrooms first, as those are highest on buyers’ wish lists these days.

Remember, if you’re making upgrades in order to sell, it’s more about potential buyers’ preferences, and less about yours. Go with neutral options that are timeless for the most bang for your buck.

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