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  1. When visiting a zoo, you often wander away from the group and find yourself spending extended amounts of time in front of the panther exhibit, completely uninterested in any other exhibits the zoo may offer.new_blog-image_PROWL2015
  2. Each year when Halloween rolls around, you have no issue deciding what to wear. You will hand out candy while you don your Panthers’ jersey, and on alternating years, you dress up as Sir Purr, of course.
  3. Your mother-in-law came to visit once during football season and you nearly fell out of your chair in disbelief when she asked if there were “any specific colors” she should wear to the game.
  4. Your friends have a standing invitation to watch the away games at your house. You make the best hot wings around, but guests know that to enjoy them, they must watch the game and are only allowed to talk during commercial breaks.
  5. Work colleagues have stopped asking if you have any weekend plans during the fall. Obviously, you’ll be performing your pre-game rituals, which include dragging out the same Panthers’ jersey you’ve been wearing since the 2003 NFC South Championship and of course, watching or attending the game.
  6. Your wardrobe is a sea of silver, blue and black hues. For whatever reason, you can’t seem to introduce any other colors to your closet. You tried red once, but promptly decided that wasn’t your best look.
  7. You’ve been banned from Party City due to the fact that store employees once found you in the balloon aisle sorting through all the bags to find blue, black and silver balloons. Why this combination didn’t exist on its own was a mystery to only you.
  8. In the 20 years that the Panthers have been playing, you’ve missed one game, and this was only because the birth of your first child happened to perfectly coincide with kick-off.
  9. Your collection of Panthers’ paraphernalia has gotten out of hand lately; you own everything from Panthers’ ornaments to silverware. To combat this expanding addiction, you’ve recently rented a storage unit to store fan gear. This solution is working for the time being.
  10. You look forward to the Allen Tate’s Prowl the Den Contest each year. You haven’t won yet, but this year, you’re upping the ante—you’ve asked all 3,258 of your Facebook friends to register with the hopes that if they win, they’ll bring none other than yours truly.

If you identified with any or all of the reasons above we invite you to register for Prowl the Den. On Saturday, November 14, 25 lucky winners and their three guests each will have the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes in the Carolina Panthers’ house.

Register online at Contest is open to NC or SC residents age 18 or older with a valid email address. No purchase is required. Limit one entry per person.

Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. on October 30, 2015.

By: Allen Tate Marketing & Public Relations

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