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Learn more about Yancey County Humane Society in Burnsville
Lily | Photo from Yancey County Humane Society

At Allen Tate/Beverly-Hanks, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to Live Abundantly in WNC. That includes our best friends and neighbors with four legs, too. 

Today, we shine a spotlight on a local organization working tirelessly to keep local animals safe and healthy until they find forever homes. We invite you to learn more about Yancey County Humane Society in Burnsville and how you can help them meet their mission.

What is Yancey County Humane Society?

Yancey County Humane Society shelters, rehabilitates, and adopts dogs and cats within the county into permanent loving homes. They also provide compassionate, humane, and educational services to enhance the lives of companion animals in Yancey County.

What services do they offer?

In addition to sheltering rescued animals and reuniting them with their owners whenever possible, the humane society also offers additional services to ensure the welfare of local animals. They provide up-to-date vaccinations, as well as spaying and neutering services, for rescued animals. They also educate the public about proper animal care. And they help people secure pet food and low-cost veterinary care where needed.

The grounds of the Yancey County Humane Society have everything pets and owners will love. Enjoy the large outdoor dog park with covered sitting spaces, ample flat grassy space for off-leash playing, dog waste bag dispensers, toys, a memorial garden, and even a beautiful pond and waterfall. 

How can I support Yancey County Humane Society?

Cuddling and cashiering, yapping online and in person—there are so many ways to help support the humane society’s mission!

Shop the Barkin’ Basement – From sporting goods to furniture and everything in between, every purchase from the humane society’s resale store supports their cause. Find the store next to Fred’s in the Burnsville Plaza Shopping Center.

Come out for Yappy Hour – Every third Tuesday, Snap Dragon hosts a “yappy hour” from 5:00–7:00PM. A portion of food and drink purchases during this time supports the humane society. No personal pets, please—shelter animals will be on hand for cuddles.

Volunteer with YCHS – Shelter volunteers are needed to get dogs outside in the play yard, bathe and brush dogs, and socialize with cats. At the Barkin’ Basement, volunteers help take in donations and check out customers. 

Adopt or Foster Pets – Give the animals of Yancey County a second chance at life. Help foster animals too young or sick to live in the shelter. Or adopt a homeless pet and find a new companion for life.

Donate and Advocate – Show your support for the humane society on social media. Step up and make a donation or sponsorship to support their ongoing needs. Or purchase an engraved memorial brick as a tribute to be planted in the shelter’s memorial garden.

Get more by giving back

Every day, our agents and staff impress us by their involvement in strengthening community efforts through service and financial support. We encourage you to get involved, too.

Help support local animal causes now and in the future! Give of your time and money to an organization that means something to you. Reach out to Yancey County Humane Society or contact your Allen Tate/Beverly-Hanks agent to learn about local efforts to save animals in our community.

Yancey County Humane Society

962 Cane River School Road, Burnsville | (828) 682-9510

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