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Learn more about WNC Superheroes and how to help them meet their mission.

Over the holiday season, we tend to shine a light on local nonprofits who work to create long-term solutions for our neighbors in need. And rightly so! But when someone is in crisis and has an urgent need, it doesn’t matter to them what time of year it is—they need help. That’s when WNC Superheroes steps in.

Today, we invite you to learn more about WNC Superheroes and how to help them meet their mission every day of the year.

What is WNC Superheroes?

At its core, WNC Superheroes helps Western North Carolina tackle its emergencies. The group funds one-time, urgent needs for people in crisis, many of which are related to homelessness, domestic and sexual violence, and financial security. In conjunction with local, established nonprofit partner agencies, they identify needs and open up cases for support. Once the need has been funded, typically within just a few days, the partner agencies work with the client to address both their immediate and long-term needs.

What cases do they support?

For people living on the financial edge, small problems can quickly turn a tough situation into a catastrophic one. Since they began, WNC Superheroes has helped provide more than $110,000 to 125+ families and individuals through 14 partner agencies. Among the many ways they’ve been superheroes include providing funds for:

  • A mother of four so she could remain in the home she found after leaving an abusive relationship.
  • Rent so a man could remain in his affordable housing unit when he lost his income due to COVID.
  • Car work for a woman who had lost her job due to injury and long recovery, and who had finally found new employment, but needed a way to get there.
  • A hotel room for a human trafficking survivor.
  • The entry fee to a halfway house for a veteran suffering from PTSD due to trauma experienced during his military service.
  • A safe hotel room for a mom and her kids while they awaited housing at ABCCM’s Transformation Village.

How can you support WNC superheroes?

Are you ready to become a hero to someone in need within our community?

Donate to an Active Campaign – Check their website regularly to see active fundraising campaigns for various needs. Campaigns with urgent needs have deadlines listed. For instance, one client in the MotherLove Program at partner agency YWCA of Asheville needs support for prenatal care (as of this writing). Other campaigns are ongoing. WNC Superheroes’ Cup of Coffee Campaign asks you to make a small regular donation, such as you would spend for a cup of coffee. Small donations here generate big results!

Adopt a Case – Band up with friends, colleagues, or your community group to make an immediate impact on someone’s life. Choose to Adopt a Case once per year or once per season. You (and your team) can decide the type of case and size of need you wish to support. You’ll receive signs for your business or organization showing you are a WNC Superhero. And you’ll get a follow up message describing the impact of your donation.

Get more by giving back

Every day, Allen Tate/Beverly-Hanks is impressed by our agents and staff for their involvement in strengthening community efforts through service and financial support. We encourage you to get involved, too.

Support local causes now and in the future! Give of your time and money to an organization that means something to you. Reach out to WNC Superheroes or contact your Allen Tate/Beverly-Hanks agent to learn about local nonprofits in your community.

WNC Superheroes

P.O. Box 363, Asheville 

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