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What does your dream home look like?

Is it a sprawling castle of marble and wrought iron? Is it a modernist masterpiece with clean lines and lots of glass? Does it have a huge flat screen, infinity pool, or putting green? If the world was your oyster, what kind of pearls would you pull from it?

For the wealthiest homeowners around the country, those questions aren’t just hypotheticals. They’re what inform an entire industry of luxury home decor. And their answers might surprise you. Here are five home trends you didn’t see coming:

Bold colors and designs

Bold Colors and Designs
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For years, it’s seemed that the luxury look has been dominated by minimalism in form and color. Neutral tones have dominated, and bathroom sinks have all but disappeared! This year, that is all changing. Designers from all over are embracing richer color palettes for luxury homes: Millennial pinks, daring oranges, and “everything green” are taking over. What’s more, bold patterns and designs are being used to showcase spaces and move the eye. Full-wall geometric patterns and floral prints are also infusing rich colors and a sense of contemporary design into luxury homes. Textured walls add contrast, and murals are taking the place of hanging art.

Velvet furniture

Velvet Furniture

Velvet has existed in various forms for several thousand years. Traditionally, the piled fabric was difficult to produce and created from silk. That combination meant that it was primarily associated with the wealthy. For some time, velvet furniture was seen as stuffy and old fashioned. But today, luxury homeowners are again embracing the fabric (among other rich textiles) in their furniture and decor. Velvet is comfortable, creates a warmth and depth unavailable from other fabrics, and works well in the bold colors coming back into fashion. Plan to see more of this dramatic decor.

Edgy art

Edgy Art
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In a world where $300 Supreme jackets resale for $1,677, many people view streetwear and skate culture as the epitome of high fashion. It makes sense, then, that luxury homeowners would want to bring that sense of fashion and design into their homes. Street-inspired art allows luxury homeowners to infuse a few edgier statement pieces into their more traditional decor. From graffiti-covered traditional sculpture to functional blown glass, the art world is being upended by new ideas of what’s valuable in form and function.

Fossil collecting

Fossil Collecting

For people with truly one-of-a-kind tastes, nothing is more unique than a 17-foot-long prehistoric mosasaur skeleton floating above your sitting room. The passion for private fossil collecting seems to be spreading in recent years—almost as quickly as the controversy around the trade. Between illegal excavations, illicit smuggling, and a burgeoning knock-off trade, many private collectors have earned the ire of professional paleontologists. But these days, many academics are seeking the help of luxury collectors to fund their excavations, establishing a win-win relationship. And collectors have truly unique showcase pieces for their home decor.


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Is a home really a home without house plants? They improve the air quality, correct Feng Shui, and are accessible for homeowners on any budget. Now, luxury homeowners are bringing more of the outside indoors than ever before. Biophilia connects people with nature and functions as a driver for design and decor. Live plants and living walls serve as calming influences in addition to points of interest. They can also be strategically placed to enhance privacy or add to the “everything green” trend that’s all the rage. 

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