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Last Updated on October 11, 2022

Although the stadium will look different this Sunday for the Big Game, the match up between Kansas City and Tampa Bay is one that will likely go down in history.

It’s not every day two record breakers like Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes face each other in the ultimate battle for greatness. And while Mahomes is certainly no Brady yet, the list of accomplishments between the two players is absolutely insane:

This will be Tom Brady’s 10th Championship game; the only NFL player that comes close to this is John Elway, with 5 Championship games.

At 24, Patrick Mahomes was the youngest quarterback to win the Championship MVP award.

Including playoff games, Brady has won a grand total of 263 games, compared to Tampa Bay’s wins of 287. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the Tampa Bay NFL franchise didn’t even exist prior to 1976, which was before Brady was even born.

Prior to Mahomes joining Kansas City, the team hadn’t earned the rights to attend the Big Game since 1970.

Like fine wine and aged cheese, Brady just gets better with age. After 35– a time when most NFL players start to slow down physically– Brady accomplished more playoff wins than any other quarterback did in his whole career.

Just three seasons in to his NFL career, Mahomes won his first Championship title, and if he wins again this Sunday he’ll be on the very short list of quarterbacks who’ve won multiple Championships.

If Brady can help Tampa Bay clinch the title this Sunday it will be the first time a team will play and win in their home stadium. On the other hand, if Mahomes carries his team to a victory, Kansas City will be first team to have back-to-back wins since the Patriots in 2005.

Even if you’re only mildly impressed by the match up between two of the greatest players in NFL franchise history, you’ll likely appreciate the ads or maybe some tailgate food.

While fan favorites like Budwiser and Coca-Cola are passing on the coveted ad space this year, there will definitely be some laughs– as Tide and Bud Light’s ads are already garnering attention ahead of the big game. Many brands teamed up with celebrities, as everyone from Jimmy Kimmel to John Cena, and many other Hollywood A-listers will be seen repping their favorite brands. And of course, numerous NFL legends will make an appearance in Frito Lay’s commercial.

If you’re not much of a football or commercial person, perhaps you can get behind some tailgate food? Here’s our favorite big game appetizers of all time.

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