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Last Updated on September 6, 2022

With the hot real estate market not showing signs of slowing, homesellers are finding creative ways to increase their property values. These include all types of projects that set properties apart. 

Even if you decide not to sell and just take equity out for home improvements, the following ten building and home improvement trends are sure to delight you.

Window banks

Let the sunshine in! Natural light is a huge attraction in houses of any age or size. Transforming plain walls into banks of windows, for example in a kitchen, brings the feeling of being outdoors inside.

Curvy elements

Curved architectural elements such as outdoor arches over the front and back doors make eye-catching exterior accents. Round or arched interior entryways and curvy pieces of art bring a natural and calming flow to the floor plan.

Patterned hardwood 

Cast off area rugs and have the floors do the magic. Patterned hardwood floors are a hot trend transforming entryways and rooms into mosaics of stand-alone splendor.

Tailored bathrooms

Taking a cue from kitchens, bathrooms are being redesigned with more glass elements to open up the space. Homemade tile and black/wood accents bring the crisp sophistication many kitchen designs boast.

Shiplap siding

Interior designers use shiplap (long, wood planks mounted horizontally with a small gap to simulate exterior walls) to bring an earthy accent to any room.

Quartz for marble

Marble countertops are a value-add for any home, but did you know you have the option of having marble look-alike quartz? It’s easier to maintain and has scratch and stain resistance properties. 

Organic elements inside

Walls made from reclaimed wood, a tree growing from under the house to an upstairs living area really bring the outside inside. Built-in planters and inset fish tanks create the feeling of a getaway without stepping outside of your home.

Creative storage space

From the kitchen to the pantry and bathrooms, increased storage space is always needed. Kitchen cupboards with dividers and large, deep drawers keep clutter down and make accessing your cooking utensils and pots and pans easy and convenient. No more cluttered bathrooms, instead a pristine look you and your guests will enjoy.

Metal roofing

Energy-efficient, longevity, and low maintenance are features of metal roofing that make it attractive to many homeowners. In addition to the pluses, metal roofing can also look like tile, shingles, shakes, and vertical panels. Metal roofing is also environmentally friendly with many types being made from recycled materials.

Heated floors

From the bathroom to all areas of the house, heated floors provide a cozy solution to cold spots in your home. Stepping out of the shower onto a cold tile floor isn’t pleasant for anyone. Heated floors give supplemental heat to smaller rooms and are energy efficient. 

The exciting news is that there are more improvements/building trends to make your home more valuable for selling and exciting to live in. If you’re hesitant to make changes but want a modern flair, try something small – like a bathroom remodel or outdoor entertainment space – the options are out there for the picking.

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