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Whether you are planning on buying or selling a house, renovating, or just looking to give your home a refresh, there is no doubt that the kitchen is one of the biggest focal points of a home. From preparing and eating meals to entertaining, the kitchen does it all. This year, we’re looking at popular design trends to help you make your kitchen beautiful and practical.

In 2019, we’re moving away from the minimalist physique to a more maximist look, adding home owners’s personality into this living space.

Trend #1: Organic everything 

Not only is food becoming increasingly more organic, but kitchen hardware, appliances, and decor are all turning to more earthy and airy appearances. From natural woods to plants to rattan textured accents, kitchens are transforming into farmer’s market like atmospheres. Wooden countertops and cabinets pair beautifully with vibrant plants and herbs on display. Woven fabrics are popular in rugs, hand towels, baskets, and other kitchen decor to enhance a sense of simplicity.

Checkout this home in Plaza Midwood near downtown Charlotte that make us wish we were cooking up dinner in its to die for kitchen.


Trend #2: “Hidden” appliances

This year, it’s all about tidying up and keeping spaces clean. Microwaves are being built into walls.  Induction stovetops are growing increasingly favorable over gas or electric ones due to their seamless appearance. And perhaps most popular of hidden appliances are hoodless ventilation systems. Not only do they take up less space, but they disappear into the wall and help create clean cut lines throughout the kitchen.

Trend #3: Color pop – matte black

From appliances to fixtures to decorative accents, matte black is having a moment. It adds mood and personality without being overpowering like a full, dark kitchen. It’s sleek, chic, and sophisticated. For a bolder look, a matte black fridge or cabinets will do the trick. For a less dramatic appearance, though, stick to matte black handles, fixtures, and other accessories.

The matte black cabinets in this suburban home in Charlotte, NC create an oh so cozy and homey atmosphere.

Trend #4: Add new technology

Modern technology is giving the kitchen a facelift this year. Smart technology is now available for many everyday kitchen utensils such as the coffee maker, slow cooker, and even thermometers. These devices will link up to your smartphone and help you control temperatures, cooking times, and more.

This multimillion dollar home in Cornelius, NC not only has lake views, but an espresso maker built in between the kitchen cabinets.

Trend #5: Colorful cabinetry

Colored cabinetry is popping up in kitchens everywhere. Whether a bright cherry red or a more subdued blue, the burst of color adds personality and enhances the atmosphere of any cooking space. Even colored appliances, such as stoves or the once popular mint green fridge from the 50s are making a comeback. This is one of the bolder trends, but it plays off of any home’s architecture while simultaneously adding the personality of the homeowner.

This home in Charlotte, NC makes us wish we could leave work right now to go start making dinner on the bright red stove for our honey.

Trend #6: Bring in metal

From bronze to brass to copper metal is one trend that won’t be going away anytime soon. Adding this trend looks great in accents and decor. But be careful not to overdo it or else it will look too industrial. Nobs, appliances, and pots and pans on display add personality and an edge to any kitchen space. The metallic additions are sleek and shiny and pair nicely with other trends such as matte black and pops of color.

Trend #7: Open shelving

Some skeptics will call this next trend impractical or ridiculous, but long gone are cabinets that hide all our grandmother’s china and coffee mug collections. Open shelving allows people to display their dishes, cookbooks, and other utensils for all guests to see. While it does take a little more maintenance to clean and keep organized 24/7, if you put in the effort, the end result is artistic and beautiful.

Trend #8: Mixing textures

If you’re looking for an easy trend to incorporate into your kitchen, consider adding some texture. Take your pick from wood, quartz, marble, concrete, metal, or anything glossy. These elements not only add depth and character and can easily enhance any paint color. It’s easy to decorate the space to match these textures too.

The mix of wooden cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and a glossy black countertop make the kitchen in this Raleigh home Pinterest-worthy.

Trend #9: Two-toned cabinetry

A newer trend taking over kitchens is two-toned cabinets. Painting your kitchen, and specifically your cabinets, two contrasting colors creates a simply stunning effect. It’s gorgeous, but not over the top. It’s an easy way to achieve dimension that doesn’t require much upkeep like the open shelving.

Trend #10: Patterned tiles

Adding patterned tile into the kitchen easily converts your home in to a European getaway.  Spanish, Greek, and Moroccan tiles are some of the few styles popping up in backsplashes and flooring.  It adds loads of character and color but doesn’t require a lot of maintenance; just some periodic cleaning.

You can’t go wrong with any of these trends in your kitchen, but whichever you choose to add, they are sure to impress all your guests and create a space you love.

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