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iStock_000043414824_SmallThe leaves are falling, the breeze is blowing, and that means it’s time take extra steps to stay safe, warm and dry.

Around the house.

Change the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. And then recheck the alarms with new batteries installed.

Check and replace any home fire extinguishers that have expired.

The heat is on.

Turn your furnace on and make sure it is working well. Contact a service company or technician to inspect it if you don’t have a maintenance contract. A damaged or leaky furnace could cause dangerous carbon monoxide to enter your home.

Make sure no flammable materials are around the furnace, such as clothing, paint products, toxic materials, paper products, etc.

If you use a space heater, turn it off when you leave the house and never leave it unattended while in use.

Light the fire.

Before lighting a fire in your fireplace, make sure the chimney is cleared of debris, creosote buildup, and is unobstructed. Make sure the bricks, mortar and liner are in good condition. If you have gas logs, clean off dust and pet hair that might have gathered in the off-season before re-igniting the pilot light.

Lighted candles can be cozy on a fall evening, but don’t leave them unattended, burning near other flammable items or on an unsteady surface. Make sure you blow them all out before going to bed.

Outside to-do’s.

Make a quick check of your roof, windowsills and door seals before chilly winds blow. Check all outdoor lighting fixtures to make sure they are working properly as the nights grow longer.Keep gutters clear of leaves and debris as the trees drop their foliage. Keep the drive and walkways clear of leaves that can be slippery when wet.

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