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11 Dec 2013

I Love Real Estate

I asked a group of Allen Tate agents what they were grateful for this holiday season. They replied, with much enthusiasm: “My job!” As you think about what gifts you hope to receive – or what the New Year might bring, perhaps it is a new career … one that brings YOU the joy that our real estate agents share.  What do I personally love about real estate? Here’s my list. I want to learn something new every day, and real estate gives me that opportunity. I am a giver of joy. Telling first-time buyers that their offer has been accepted makes me forever a part of their home ownership experience. I can create my own schedule around my life. I wear many hats and I...
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25 Oct 2013

Use Feng Shui to Bring Positive Energy into Your Home

Looking for love or harmony in your life, or perhaps more money?Try rearranging your furniture or adding specific accessories and you might get more of what you want. So say practitioners of feng shui (pronounced fung shh-way), an ancient art and science developed in China more than 3,000 years ago.Feng shui is based on the idea that by balancing the energies and flow in a space, one can promote good health and fortune for those living in it.Historically, feng shui was used to place buildings in a favorable manner. Builders would consider the surroundings, such as bodies of water or even the stars, when looking for the most promising way to situate a structure.Today, feng shui has grown popular in...
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23 Oct 2013

Home Sweet Haunted Home

A fun tradition at Halloween is to visit a “haunted house,” filled with various ghosts and ghouls. But would you want to live in a real haunted house? According to legend, the older a home, the greater chance it could be haunted because of the number of souls who have lived there. If something happens that causes a tear in the energy, such as a violent death or extreme grief, a spirit may become trapped between this world and the next. The Carolinas are full of houses said to be haunted. Dare if you will to visit these homes with spooky histories: The Blakney House in Monroe, N.C, is believed to be haunted by William Blakney, a greedy miser. It is said that...
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21 Oct 2013

We’re Open for Business

It’s October – and that means football games, falling leaves and the last chance to start the New Year in a new home! In the real estate world, October is a great time to get a sense of the home you want through open houses. It’s the perfect time of year to attend an open house – or host one if your home is for sale.  What is an open house? An open house is a no-obligation invitation to visit and view a property that is currently listed for sale. These events are usually held on weekends for several hours, and a Realtor® is available to point out features of the home that you may miss on your own. It’s also a time...
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9 Oct 2013

Join Our Neighborhood

The old adage says real estate is all about location, location, location. Here at The Allen Tate Company, we know that’s true–not only with brick and mortar–but also in the digital world. Having an online presence is more important than ever, and we have expanded our offerings to keep clients informed of everything from the latest housing industry news to current home staging trends–whether they are on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Social media is also a two-way street: It’s now easier than ever to interact and engage with members of the Allen Tate family. Our blog, At Home in the Carolinas, provides useful tips, such as when you should request a home inspection, as well as fun stories, such as how the Carolinas...
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2 Oct 2013

How the Government Shutdown Impacts Mortgages

As we come into Day 2 of the Federal Government shutdown, many people are asking “What is the impact on mortgage lending” and “What will happen to my loan in process?” The impact of the Federal Government shutdown on mortgage lending varies, based on the type of loan you have applied for or are considering. Here is a snapshot of what we know, based on loan type: USDA (Rural Housing Loans) – USDA offices are closed and their employees have been furloughed due to the shutdown. All USDA loans must receive a commitment by USDA prior to closing. Lenders will be unable to close USDA loans during the shutdown, unless the lender has already received the commitment from USDA. FHA Loans – FHA’s automated...
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25 Sep 2013

Can You Trust a One-Hit Wonder?

one hit wonderWednesday, September 25, is One-Hit Wonder Day. Having spent the first half of my professional career as a disc jockey in various cities, I’m no stranger to “one-hit wonders.” During my DJ era, I would “spin discs” (as we said back in the day) by one-hit artists like Soft Cell (a former “Gongaware Pick-to-Click”), Norman Greenbaum, and ? and the Mysterians. (I always thought  ? was singin’ “you’re gonna cry for 96 years.” Who could count exactly 96 “tears,” I reasoned.) Due to my inability to relate to “adults” throughout much of my radio career, I was spared having to play Debby Boone or C.W. McCall.

Of course, “one-hit wonders” exist in fields other than music.  For example, there’s Jeremy Lin, the Hummer, Silly Bandz, and, of course, the Zestimate. The Zestimate is a cleverly named web application meant to provide an estimate of a home’s value. It was created by a media company called Zillow, a property listing “syndicator”…a word disturbingly close to “syndicate.” Their name came about by the company’s desire to meld “zillions” of raw data points (mostly from county tax records) with “pillow.” Really? (I think instead they should have combined “zillion” with “Toro,” the official mascot of the NFL’s Houston Texans. Then they could have called the company “Zorro”…which is much cooler, in my opinion.)

24 Jul 2013

New Features Available on TateMobile

TateMobileWherever you’re reading this, look around. There’s a pretty good chance that there’s someone using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

Most of us (self included) are guilty of being tethered to a mobile device. And today’s home buyers are no exception. According to a recent Google survey, mobile apps are used by 68 percent of all new home shoppers; and 20 percent of all real estate searches happen on a mobile device.

Interestingly, while buyers like to search for homes while they are at work, waiting in line, at a restaurant or at someone else’s home, 77 percent of home shoppers say they are using their mobile device to search for homes – at home.

But we’re OK with that. There’s no wrong place to search for a home.

15 Jul 2013

You Better Believe That You Can Achieve It

Market Update for CarolinasBelieving you can achieve is half the battle when facing any challenge. It’s that same kind of confidence driving buyers back to the Carolinas’ real estate market in 2013.

In the latest edition of Carolinas Market Update, I talk about confidence and its considerable impact on today’s real estate market. There are plenty of good reasons to be confident right now. Appreciating home values, more realistic comparables, and a modest increase in interest rates have consumers asking “when do I pull the trigger for my next life move?”

The “confidence factor” is key to a stable and healthy real estate market. As home values continue to appreciate, buyers have a returned confidence in knowing that they can sell their home at a certain price, and buy a home that will increase in value at the same or greater pace.

20 Mar 2013

Pending Real Estate Sales Predicting Strong Q2

Market Update for CarolinasIt’s easy to make bold predictions going into a new year. And I was confident when I shared my 2013 real estate forecast in early January. But when the predictions begin to play out before the end of the first quarter, it’s time to get really excited and optimistic.

So what are we seeing? In the latest edition of Carolinas Market Update, I talk about increased buyer activity, low inventory and improving pending home sales – all strong indicators that real estate is trending well in the Carolinas.

We’re seeing home prices continue to appreciate across the Carolinas. In some areas where job growth has been prevalent, we’re even seeing properties – those that are memorable and priced right – entertain multiple offers.

With less than four months inventory in many Carolinas markets, we’re beginning to shift from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market, with prices appreciating.

One of the key industry indicators, the Pending Home Sales index, is trending especially positive. This measure of homes with signed real estate contracts (but not yet closed) increased from 96.7 in January 2012 to 101.3 in January 2013, the highest level since 110.9 in April 2010, when the Federal Government’s first-time homebuyer credit was near expiration. 


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