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1 Mar 2017

Classroom Central: The magic of school supplies

When Britnee Reid (pictured above) dreamed of becoming a middle school science teacher, she envisioned a classroom of children taking careful notes, creating projects with colored pencils and scissors, and packing homework in their backpacks each day. Teachers in qualifying schools have the opportunity to “shop” with Classroom Central each month for supplies for their students. What she didn't imagine was a room full of students who came to class with no supplies. Reid, a fourth-year teacher at York Chester Middle School in Gastonia, N.C., later learned that approximately 50 percent of students in the six-district greater Charlotte region - 100,000 kids - can't afford lunch, let alone school supplies. Some children are homeless. "There's just no extra money," said...
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7 Nov 2016

It takes a village

In each of the 43 local communities where Allen Tate Realtors® live, work and play, there is nothing more important to real estate than the quality of the schoolhouse at the end of the street. That's because everyone - regardless of background, culture or socio-economic status - can agree that children are our future - and the quality of their education will impact that future. For the past 19 years, Allen Tate has embraced the cause of public education through the company's annual FUNday events. To someone who has never experienced FUNday, it might seem like a fun social event, which is correct. Realtors certainly know how to put the FUN in FUNday. But it's much more. Our agents and employees plan, organize and...
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21 Dec 2015

It’s always FUN to help the kids

It’s no secret that the Allen Tate Companies do things a little differently. As the #1 real estate company in the Carolinas and one of the Top 10 independent real estate companies in the nation, Allen Tate is an innovator and leader when it comes to technology, tools and customer service. One of the things that has always distinguished the Allen Tate Companies is our commitment to give back to the 41 communities where we live, work and play. Public education is one of our giving priorities. Each fall, for the past 18 years, we have raised money for public education through the Allen Tate FUNday. The original one-location FUNday has evolved into a multi-market event, with four regional FUNdays as unique...
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24 Nov 2015

A Little Help from Our Friends

Every fall, for the past 18 years, the Allen Tate Company has held FUNday events to raise money for public education in local communities across the Carolinas. This year was no exception. We held four regional evening events, in Greensboro, Raleigh, Charlotte and Greenville, SC, where our Realtors® and representatives of our Family of Companies participated in a variety of activities to raise money for the kids. Additionally, many of our valued business partners and vendors joined us, offering their generous support in the form of donations, auction items, prizes and in-kind services to help make FUNday a huge success. More than 100 partners made a significant contribution. To date, FUNday has raised more than $1.6 million (2015 monies are still being tallied)....
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19 Dec 2014

FUNday Four Ways

Each fall, for the past 17 years, Allen Tate Realtors® have gathered to support a cause that is near and dear to them; one that impacts their local communities; and one that makes a huge difference to their chosen livelihood. Since it began, the annual Allen Tate FUNday for Public Education has taken the form of a field day, tailgate picnic, community workday, and evening reception. For the past three years, the original FUNday became FUNdays, with two events in both 2011 and 2012 and three events in 2013. This year, FUNday was held as four separate regional events through the company’s footprint in North and South Carolina. If you’ve ever doubted that multiplying efforts yields exponential results, you’re wrong. With four events,...
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20 Oct 2014

Our Partners in Education

For 17 years, Allen Tate Company has made a commitment to supporting public education in our local communities through its annual FUNday event. This fall, we held four regional events, in Greenville, SC, and Greensboro, Raleigh and Charlotte, NC, with more than 1,000 people in attendance. Among those in attendance at each event were our valued business partners and vendors, who share the Allen Tate Family of Companies commitment to public education and generously sponsored our events. Without these valued partners, FUNday could have never become a reality. Over the years, FUNday has raised $1.38 million – and that’s not counting 2014 monies that are still being tallied. Please join us in extending a big “Tate thank you” to our FUNday 2014 partners...
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15 Sep 2014

It’s FUNday Season!

Now that summer is winding down and kids are settled back in school, it seems to be the “season” for everything – football season (and the end of baseball season), apple-picking season, fall yard work season, community festival season, etc. At Allen Tate Company, it’s FUNday season. For 17 years, Allen Tate Company has held annual FUNday events, where agents “pay to play” to raise money for public education in the local communities we serve throughout the Carolinas. During that time, we’ve held field days, golf tournaments, dance parties, karaoke contests, corn hole competitions, tailgates, chili cook-offs and silent and live auctions. We’ve played in the rain and baked in the sun. And during those years, we’ve grown exponentially as a company...
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9 Jun 2014

We’re proud to say Tate Cares

Each spring and fall, for more than 21 years, Allen Tate Company has given back to the communities that have been so good to us. In addition to thousands of hours contributed by our agents and staff in our offices across the Carolinas, we raise money for three major initiatives under the Tate Cares giving umbrella: arts, culture and history; United Way agencies and public education. At the Allen Tate Spring Convention in March, we kicked off this year’s United Way and Cultural Campaigns. I am proud to announce that we raised more than $108,000 to dramatically impact the quality of life in our communities. I am so proud of the commitment by our Realtors, leaders and staff to make this...
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14 Mar 2014

A day to remember!

We all must take time to re-energize, re-prioritize and expand our given talents. This week, we took a day and held our annual Allen Tate Spring Convention for 900 of our talented rainmakers – and pushed them out of their comfort zones. “Fascinate” was the theme of this year’s event. Not only did we learn from each other, but we also brought in talent from around the country. We huddled at the Charlotte Convention Center – with our team coming from both ends of I-85 (Raleigh and Greenville SC) and everywhere in between. We learned; we laughed; we grew. We challenged each other. We left, kicking our heels, with iPads full of nuggets we can use, professionally and personally. At our annual lunch program,...
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20 Jan 2014

A “Day On”: The Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Giving

In 1994, Congress designated the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday as a national day of service. Taking place each year on the third Monday in January, the MLK Day of Service is the only federal holiday observed as a "day on, not a day off,” according to For the past 56 years, the Allen Tate Companies have placed giving back to our communities at the forefront of our mission and vision. Our Realtors® and employees have, through the years, generously supported annual campaigns to benefit, United Way, arts and culture, public education and other organizations. One way we do that is through Tate Cares, our charitable giving program. Our focus on this day of giving back, as well what we...
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