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13 Sep 2018

Cheers for chairs

When Laura Shoun’s students returned last month to Southside High School in Greenville, S.C., the biggest change to her classroom was something they barely noticed. And Shoun is completely fine with that. Like many teachers, Shoun is used to equipping her students with pencils, paper and other tools of learning, often out of her own pocket. Most of the students in her physics classes live at the poverty level, in single-parent homes. Some have parents in jail or who abuse substances. Some are foster children, live in hotels or are, at times, homeless. “The last thing they need when they come to school is another challenge,” Shoun said. Physics is a hands-on kind of subject. Students often work together in teams to build...
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1 May 2018

Stronger than the Wind

You’ve heard the expression “If you need something done, ask a busy person.” Today, few people fit that description better than Allen Tate Realtors® – some of the busiest and most responsive people around. And where there’s a Tate, there’s a way. Especially when it comes to public education and improving the quality of life in local communities. On April 15, a tornado with 135 mph winds swept through east Greensboro, N.C. and left a 33-mile path of destruction, badly damaging homes and three elementary schools. Nearly 1,000 students who attended Erwin Montessori, Hampton Elementary and Peeler Open Elementary were suddenly without a school. Fortunately, because the storm hit on Sunday, the schools were empty. But there were nearly two months left in...
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24 Apr 2018

Bridging the gaps

For a busy professional, a typical day might include rising early, getting children off to school, hitting the gym, attending multiple meetings, having lunch with a client, after hours networking, shopping for groceries, supervising homework, checking emails and grabbing a few hours of sleep ...
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27 Mar 2018

A foundation to ‘do life’

Anyone who has ever built a home knows that the first step is laying a solid foundation to support the rest of the structure. For someone experiencing homelessness, the same principle applies. While housing is the solution, supports must be in place to help a household become secure and stable. According to a point-in-time count conducted in January 2017, 574 people – nearly half of them women and children – were experiencing homelessness in Guilford County, N.C. The problem is widespread; more than 3,000 children in the public school system there have experienced homelessness or are at risk. Approximately 300 students at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro (as well as students at other area colleges) are “couch surfers” – constantly...
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24 Oct 2017

Learning by doing

Kids are innately curious. Since he was a toddler, my oldest son (now 22) would take apart anything to see how it was made or how it worked. Toys – and later, my electronics and appliances – were never safe in his hands. Today, he’s an industrial designer. Learning through experience – aka experiential learning – makes learning personal. Students learn more quickly, retain more information, think more creatively and grow from their mistakes. Entrepreneur Richard Branson summed up it up well: You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing - and falling over. Thanks to support from the Kannapolis Education Foundation (KEF), students in Kannapolis City Schools (KCS) are learning by doing. The foundation, an independent nonprofit...
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26 Sep 2017

No child left behind

 Most of us have some great childhood memories of a special school field trip, or a teacher who brought an innovative project to the classroom. Unfortunately, not every child has those memories. Some kids are left behind - literally and figuratively - because their parents don't have the ability to pay for field trips or club activities. Their teacher - often reaching into his or her own pocket for basic school supplies - doesn't have the resources to fund materials for creative learning experiences. The Enrichment Fund for Guilford County Schools Inc. strives to create those happy memories by funding enrichment opportunities for more than 400 K-12 students and teachers each year. "When students can get out of the classroom and be together,...
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20 Jul 2017

A generous serving of culture and community

As food nourishes the body, art nourishes the soul. On September 8, both will come together during two simultaneous events expected to draw hundreds to the streets of uptown Charlotte and downtown Cornelius. The Arts & Science Council presents its third annual Culture Feast, a unique event where residents and visitors share a community table while enjoying arts and cultural performances. ASC Culture Feast “We have seen how people from different neighborhoods, backgrounds, socio-economic levels, race and ethnicities talk and connect with each other through arts and cultural experiences as well as a wonderful meal,” said ASC President Robert Bush. In 2016, Culture Feast drew more than 500 people, who lined tables along N. Tryon Street in uptown Charlotte. This...
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29 Jun 2017

A safe haven: Family Crisis Center

Most of us take for granted a safe place to call home. But for victims of domestic violence, home can be a volatile and dangerous environment. Fortunately, there is a safe haven in Randolph and Montgomery counties. Founded in 1978, Family Crisis Center serves victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse through multiple locations in Asheboro, Archdale and Troy, N.C. “At the Family Crisis Center, we deal with tragedy every day; yet every day, we have a success. When someone comes to our office for help or calls our crisis line, that is the first step – and the step that requires the most strength and courage,” said Dare Spicer, executive director, Family Crisis Center. “Domestic violence and sexual abuse...
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9 May 2017

Beyond the classroom: The school district of Pickens County

Helping children gain the skills they need to survive and thrive in the world is a primary function of public schools. But critical learning often extends beyond the classroom. Unfortunately, enrichment programs at public schools are often limited by financial resources. Allen Tate Companies understand that. Through the company’s annual FUNday for Public Education, Allen Tate Realtors® and employees raise money for public school programs and organizations that give children and teachers enhanced opportunities. The School District of Pickens County in Easley, S.C., which serves 16,500 students, is one recipient of FUNday proceeds. Here, students benefit from Allen Tate’s investment in three educational programs: Y Mentors, Camp iRock and the FIRST LEGO League West State Championship. “Partnerships with businesses like Allen Tate are...
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18 Apr 2017

A healthy lesson

There’s a phrase that inspires a burst of excitement in every school kid: We’re going on a field trip. But here’s the irony. Most of those students don’t realize that a field trip is not a “free” day with no class or tests, but rather, a very clever way for teachers to disguise even bigger life lessons. Each school year, more than 20,000 North Carolina students make that journey to the Poe Center for Health Education in Raleigh, N.C. The non-profit, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, is part museum, part classroom, part theater and part playground, all rolled into a neat bundle of experiential healthy learning that fascinates children of all ages. Their 2-3 hour field trip to...
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