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15 Oct 2010

Twitter 101: What Real Estate Agents Should Know

“Follow me on Twitter” … “Did you see the picture I posted on Twitter?” … “I’m going to tweet about that” … “I’ll send you a direct message!”

These phrases are becoming as common place as “Find me on Facebook.” What began as a simple communication platform for friends and family has since grown to become one of the most powerful and effective social networks around.

Nevertheless, it still appears that a large majority of people do not understand Twitter and, upon learning what it is, wonder why anyone would want to use it.

Let’s start with the bigger question first: “Why Should I Use Twitter?”

To many different people, Twitter is many different things. For family and friends it is a way to keep in touch, for companies it is a way to market a new product or program, for the media it is a newer, faster way to keep people informed and for the unemployed out there, it is another way to network and hopefully find a job.

13 Oct 2010

Need a Contractor: Who You Gonna Call?

Have you ever rolled the dice and called a contractor from the phone book or maybe held onto a mailbox flyer or better yet just called a number from a service truck.    I have too and for the most part it all worked out but unfortunately it is not always this easy.

How do you know if a contractor is good without trying them?  They may say they are licensed and insured but do you take the time to verify that they are or do you just take their word for it.   When you have just moved into town, it’s hard to know who a good contractor is to help you with the unexpected.  So who do you ask?

Allen Tate Home Services has a solution for looking for a good contractor. To put it simply, we do the searching for you!   We take the hassle out of homeownership by providing a directory of quality licensed and insured service providers. 

8 Oct 2010

Health Law’s Heavy Impact on Real Estate: True or False?

Have you received the emails claiming that the new Healthcare Legislation contains a new 3.8% tax on Real Estate transactions?  Pretty convincing, aren’t they?  These emails claim all real estate sales will have an additional 3.8% tax, starting in 2013, due to a provision within the new healthcare legislation.

These emails start off with the following statements:

  • Did you know that if you sell your house after 2012 you will pay a 3.8% sales tax on it?
  • That’s $3,800 on a $100,000 home, etc.
  • When did this happen?  It’s in the healthcare bill.  Just thought you should know. states “this is a complicated section of a complicated piece of legislation, and the 3.8% Medicare tax has been frequently misreported as amounting to a 3.8% “sales tax” on all real estate transactions.”  THIS IS INCORRECT.  The Medicare tax is not a sales tax that applies to all real estate transactions; it is a tax on investment income that could result in a very small percentage of situations.

24 Sep 2010

The Fun Behind The FUNDay for Public Education

On September 27, Tate Realtors® and Leaders will be traveling from different locations across North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina to converge at The Point for the 13th Annual Allen Tate FUNDay.

What is FUNDay you may ask? Well, let’s start with the goal which is to play together all the while raising money to help ensure that students enrolled in public schools across the Carolinas receive the best education possible.  As I said in an earlier blog post, the perception of the education in the neighborhood school determines appreciation of the homes surrounding those schools.

23 Jul 2010

Mobile Games Keep You Top of Mind

FourSquare … GoWalla … Loopt … Yelp … BrightKite …

If you aren’t familiar with the lingo above, fear not. You’re probably not alone but I’m willing to bet that at least one of the terms above has, at the very least, crossed your ears recently.

Should you be paying attention to what these applications are? I’d say yes. Should you jump in and sign up for all five right now? Probably not. But my advice would be to learn more about them because all of these applications are gaining momentum and popularity every day.

Each of the above applications is a location-based social networking application meaning that the application allows you to identify, share and make use of your geographical position. In English? You can “check-in” at any venue or location you are visiting using your mobile device. What makes these applications unique is that users can be rewarded with special badges or bonus items after checking in. This feature makes the applications game-like and everyone likes to play games, right? So why not play a game on your phone that increases and strengthens your personal brand awareness?

20 Jul 2010

The GPS of Home Searching

property-scout11Remember the days when you had to keep at least one folded map in the glove box or behind the seat of your car? And if you could find that map in the car when you were lost, you had to struggle to fold it just right to figure out where you were going?

Much to my family’s delight, a GPS device that automatically pinpoints location and maps my route has replaced the folded map in my car. And, if you’re like me and enjoy this kind of technology, then you will be happy to know that finding a home can be as easy as navigating to a new location with your GPS device.

29 Jun 2010

Finding the Right Agent For You

I bought my first home before I began my career in real estate.  It did not occur to me that I should be the slightest bit picky about who would represent and help me make one of the biggest investments of my life. Instead, I just picked up the phone and called my best friend’s step-mother who I knew was in the business. I trusted my best friend with my life, and therefore assumed those qualities would be reflected in her step-mother.

Luckily, she did a good job for me. But what if I had been wrong? Knowing what I now know about real estate, it scares me to think about that.

Just because someone has been in the business for years, doesn’t necessarily mean they will be the best agent for you. While experience is certainly a plus, the best agent is also one who will listen to you, knows the ins and outs of your target market and asks questions.

Here are some questions that will help you find the right agent.

18 Jun 2010

Agents Take on Social Media at RE BarCamp

Last Friday I attended my first Real Estate BarCamp. For those who may not be familiar with the term “Bar Camp” let me tell you that if you’re thinking tents and tree’s or lecture halls and motivational speeches, you’re heading in the wrong direction…on both accounts.

So what is a BarCamp? Put simply, it is a gathering of people who all have a strong desire to share and learn. What makes a BarCamp unique is that it is also defined as an “unconference.” If you are sitting there thinking to yourself “I have no idea what an unconference is”, don’t worry, you are not alone. If you aren’t tuned into social media or web-based technologies then you are not likely to come across the term “unconference.” When a meeting is designed as a series of open participatory workshops whose content is pitched and provided by participants then that meeting becomes an “unconference” (for more details check out this great blog from Jeremy Blanton).