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16 Aug 2013

A Wealth of Tools at Your Fingertips

TateToolsBuying and selling a home isn’t only about location; it’s also about awareness. You may have an ideal property in a prime location, but buyers need to know about it, including where it is and how fabulous it looks on the inside and out. If you’re the one looking to buy, you want to know immediately when a suitable property comes on the market.

Enter, the Carolinas’ No. 1 real estate website. Here, you’ll find a wealth of tools for connecting people with the right property. The site even offers home tours, all from the comfort of one’s chair.

Some of the great services available on

Community Profile links area attributes and local schools to a property, providing buyers with neighborhood-specific data including cost of living, population, housing inventory and local test scores.

Tate Tour gives buyers an easy-to-view slideshow presentation with up to 21 photographs. A virtual tour also offers instant exposure to interior and exterior views of a home.

7 Aug 2013

A Coat of Many Colors

interior paintIf you had only a small amount – say $50 or $100 – to invest in improving your home, how would you spend it?

By and large, experts agree that a fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest, easiest and least expensive ways to spruce up a room. In just a day or two, you can transform a space and create a mood simply by painting the walls.

Think of paint on walls as a backdrop for your home’s color palate. It’s kind of like an artist’s canvas; it sets the stage for furnishings and accessories that reflect your unique tastes and preferences. Light or white paint adds brightness and makes small rooms and spaces appear larger. Brightly colored paint can add energy to a living space, while pastels can add a calming, serene touch to a bedroom or other quiet space. An accent wall can make a room pop.

5 Jul 2013

Luxury Portfolio Partnership


versions.inddAllen Tate Realtors is proud to be a luxury marketing partner with Luxury Portfolio International to provide exposure to high net-worth individuals on a global basis.


Formed in 2005, Luxury Portfolio International’s 200 members are recognized by Unique Homes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends as listing the most expensive high-end properties, having the best sales associates, and being comprised of the most influential leaders in luxury real estate.


The award-winning website, has luxury listings from 47 states and 30 countries and visitors from over 200 countries monthly. One of the website’s unique features is the translation of listing information into 9 languages and multiple currencies.  Go check out a listing a see what it looks like in French and how many Francs it would cost.  The world is flat, especially in the high-end market where many consumers own multiple properties in multiple locations.

22 Aug 2011

A Look Into the Luxury Real Estate Market

Luxury home sellers and buyers want many of the same things as their counterparts at all price points. A recent Harris Group research project shows that these buyers want a highly respected company that shows results, a professional, experienced real estate agent and strong marketing efforts with an Internet presence.

Conducted on behalf of Luxury Portfolio, “How Today’s Highly Affluent U.S. Consumer Selects Luxury Real Estate Associates and Brokerages,” was done to gauge priorities, likes and dislikes related to the selection of an agent to buy or sell a $1 million plus home.

25 Oct 2010

What Does the Luxury Market Look Like?

In June I posted about the upper end market and its rebound.  Since then, we’ve seen the market continue it’s up and down course. So what does the upper end market in our region look like today?

First, inventory of $750,000 and plus homes in the Triangle, Triad, and Greater Charlotte markets has decreased significantly in the past 12 months. In fact, inventory is at its lowest level during the past 24 months.  New home inventory is not getting replaced so expect to see inventory numbers continue to decline.

Second, demand has increased 40% or more in these same markets since a year ago.  Why? There are great values in the market as median prices have dropped 10% or more.  There have been comments from Wall Street Journal, Karl Case, John Paulson and others that now is the smart time to buy real estate and the wealthy are heeding the advice and buying homes.

14 Jun 2010

What’s Up with the Upper End Market?

There has been a lot of conversation recently about the first time homebuyer’s tax credit and its effects on the market. But what about the upper end of the market, specifically homes priced at $750,000 and above?

To understand the current status, we need to review what impacts buyers and sellers in this part of the market:

  • Ability to get mortgages
  • Inventory of homes on the market
  • Consumer confidence

While the same 3 factors affect all buyers and sellers regardless of price point these trends affect the high-end buyer a little differently. Let’s take a look at how this group specifically has been affected.