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16 Mar 2016

When it rains and the wind blows!

Our warm, sunny March is leading us right into April shower season!  With those rains we can easily have power outages, flooding and fallen trees. There’s nothing fun about a huge tree falling and damaging our own things, but when it falls on our neighbors’ property, it’s even worse.  Allen Tate Insurance is often asked the question – when a tree falls, who is responsible? You may be surprised by the answer! If a tree on your neighbor’s property is in “good condition” and it falls onto your home/property during bad weather, it will be your responsibility to file a claim with your insurance company since the damage did not occur due to any negligence on your neighbor’s part.  In this instance,...
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22 Feb 2016

In the kitchen, let your lights shine.

According to, lighting is one of the kitchen trends to watch for in 2016. Designers usually agree, and say that your kitchen should have the three distinct lighting types: Task, accent and ambient. Does your lighting scheme include all three? Take it to task. Task lighting helps you perform KP duties such as chopping and cleaning, and is most often found above islands and sinks or counter space. Ideally, task lighting can be turned off separately from other kitchen lighting when not in use. Under-cabinet lighting is relatively inexpensive and a fairly easy DIY project. Four popular styles  are rope, fluorescent, halogen and xenon. Accent savvy. If you would like to highlight anything or any area in the kitchen, draw attention with a...
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15 Feb 2016

4 Ways to Prevent Buyer’s Remorse

If you’ve done your homework, you come equipped to your first house-hunting excursion with a list of non-negotiables. Perhaps you’ve established a budget, identified potential neighborhoods and pegged near-by amenities that you can’t live without. Here are the four most common mistakes buyers make and how to prevent those uncomfortable feelings from creeping over you right after you’ve signed the purchase contract. Buying a house that’s too much for your budget In the midst of a seller’s market, bidding wars can break out, and before you know it, you’re offering way over your maximum budget in hopes of winning the war. Operating this way can make you quickly regret your decision, as it could possibly leave you cash-strapped and stressed...
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23 Nov 2015

Prepare your home for the Carolina winter

Although our winters are short and relatively painless, the Carolinas can still experience big ice storms and usually some measure of snowfall. With temps dipping into the freezing mark soon, make sure your home is winter weather ready. Outdoors Start by cleaning the remaining leaves from your gutters so that standing water doesn’t freeze and create dangerous icicles or collapse from the weight of the ice. Take down any dead or dangerous tree limbs that could damage your roof or gutters, or are hanging over a sidewalk or street. Turn off the water supply to outdoor spigots and sprinkler systems, unhook any hoses, and then drain them. Caulk around windows and doors to seal any gaps.  If your house is on a foundation, close all foundation...
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15 May 2015

When winds blow, roofers follow

Have you ever seen roofing trucks that advertise they work with insurance companies? After spring and summer storms hit, it’s prime time for unscrupulous companies to canvas your neighborhood and knock on doors, claiming they are fixing your neighbor’s roof and offering to inspect yours – often with a “special deal” they claim your insurance will cover. But what if you believe you have actual damage? Rather than fall prey to one of these questionable door-to-door vendors, it’s a good practice to call your insurance company and ask for qualified companies that can inspect your roof. And it never hurts to get a second opinion. Once the insurance carrier has reviewed the roofer’s inspection report, your insurance company will advise what is covered....
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18 Mar 2015

Homeowners Insurance vs. Home Warranty

There are many decisions that present themselves when you buy a home. Two of these – home insurance and a home warranty – sound similar, but are very different when it comes to coverage, cost, conditions and terms. And while you are required to purchase home insurance if you have a mortgage, a home warranty is optional. Your homeowners insurance policy, which must be in place prior to closing, will cover your dwelling, personal belongings, theft, vandalism, fire, windstorm, lightning, and hail. Your liability coverage will also protect you if someone gets hurt while in your property and they decide to sue you.  You also have coverage to cover medical expenses if someone is injured as part of a covered loss,...
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5 Feb 2014

The Allen Tate Family of Companies: Part 2

As I previously wrote when I introduced you to Allen Tate Mortgage, “family” is a powerful word. These are the people that help you feel secure … people you can count on. But it can also mean a non-familial group that provides assistance and protection. That is the inclusive family I think of when I think of the “Allen Tate Family of Companies.” Another Allen Tate family member you should know is Allen Tate Insurance. Now, I know that insurance is one of those things you buy and hope to never use. But few things can give you more peace of mind than knowing that you and your family are properly protected in the event of something bad happening. Allen Tate Insurance...
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15 Jan 2014

The Allen Tate Family of Companies: Part 1

"Family” is a powerful word.  It usually refers to your immediate or extended collection of loved ones. These are people that help you feel secure – people you can count on. But it can also mean a non-familial group that provides support and assistance to accomplish a shared objective. That is the inclusive family I think of when I think of the “Allen Tate Family of Companies.” It’s another family you can count on. H. Allen Tate, Jr., founded the Allen Tate Company in 1957 with two goals in mind. The first was to provide an outstanding real estate experience for buyers and sellers. His second goal was to bring “one-stop-shopping with choices” to our clients. The Allen Tate Family of Companies...
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13 Jan 2014

55+ Homebuyers – Market Trends and Advice

If you are a homeowner age 55 or older, the past few years may have put you in a quandary. Maybe you wanted to sell your home for something smaller, in a different location or in a 55+ community that more closely matches your desired lifestyle, but found yourself staying put due to decreased home values or limited housing choices. But here’s the good news. Robert Karen, chairman of the 50+ Housing Council of the National Association of Home Builders, recently stated that we are now seeing steady improvement in the 55+ housing sector, as buyers and renters are once again moving in the direction of new homes and communities that offer what this homebuyer group desires. If you are a 55+...
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