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3 Mar 2017

Tax deductions for homeowners

You’ve known this was coming; all the same, familiar signs have been haunting you for weeks.  And after driving around seeing folks dressed up in teal green robes waving frantically as you speed by, and receiving shiny flyers with Uncle Sam angrily pointing in your direction--you can’t ignore the facts anymore: It’s tax time, ready or not. But don’t sweat it too much, because as a homeowner you’ll likely be able to qualify for tax deductions related to owning a home. Not quite sure what deductions apply to you? For expert advice, I talked with Lisa Green, VP of Loan Origination with Allen Tate Mortgage to learn about the different deductions available to homeowners. Mortgage interest “The largest tax break available to homeowners...
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9 Dec 2016

#FBF Keeping your home warm this winter

During the winter months when the temperatures dip below freezing it can feel like you’re playing a never-ending game of catch up to try and keep your home warm. So rather than watch the Benjamins fly out the doors, windows, nooks and crannies of your home, follow the advice below. Eliminate drafts Locating and sealing energy-draining drafts in your home can save you between 10 and 20 percent on your energy bill, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. And while most people assume windows and doors are the biggest draft offenders, experts warn that other elements like recessed lights, wiring holes, electrical boxes, plumbing vents and support elements in your basement and attic can be equally concerning. Pick a windy day and carefully...
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31 Aug 2016

Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmatic and Realtors®

If you’ve ventured out even for a short trip in the past few weeks, you know. The stores are crowded, the lines are long and traffic moves at a snail’s pace. It’s that annual pilgrimage called Back to School. If you’re a parent – or a student yourself – your kitchen table is likely filled with papers to sign, supply lists to purchase and nightly rituals to adopt. But it’s a beautiful craziness that reminds us there is so much opportunity to learn. At Allen Tate, we go back to school, too. Every year, for the past 19 years, we’ve committed to making sure kids in our regions have the tools, resources and opportunities to succeed. Each fall, the Allen Tate FUNday raises money...
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11 May 2016

BEST NC: Making a Mark

Recently, 125 North Carolina-based CEOs saddled up to move the public education needle. The education systems of America are not built for producing job-ready students for today’s changing world. But BEST NC is working hard to change that. The group’s newest initiative, It’s Time to Lead (Again), focuses on critical issues facing the state’s education system – and what needs to be done. BEST NC believes that it’s time for North Carolina to once again lead the nation in education. This non-profit, non-partisan coalition of business leaders is committed to improving North Carolina’s education system through policy and advocacy to meet our growing economic demands and prepare students for success in school, work and life. Leading the nation in education starts with attracting...
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24 Nov 2015

A Little Help from Our Friends

Every fall, for the past 18 years, the Allen Tate Company has held FUNday events to raise money for public education in local communities across the Carolinas. This year was no exception. We held four regional evening events, in Greensboro, Raleigh, Charlotte and Greenville, SC, where our Realtors® and representatives of our Family of Companies participated in a variety of activities to raise money for the kids. Additionally, many of our valued business partners and vendors joined us, offering their generous support in the form of donations, auction items, prizes and in-kind services to help make FUNday a huge success. More than 100 partners made a significant contribution. To date, FUNday has raised more than $1.6 million (2015 monies are still being tallied)....
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