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10 Mar 2011

Visited a Greenway Lately?

Do you love being outdoors and walking trails? It is the easiest way to have fun while staying fit.  I like doing both so lucky for me I live in a state that has plenty of trails to choose from.  From an investment standpoint, living near these trails and parks can actually improve the chances of your home being worth more.

Have you ever heard of the term greenway? “Greenways are vegetated natural buffers that improve water quality, reduce the impacts of flooding, and provide wildlife habitat. Greenway trails provide recreation, transportation, fitness, and economic benefits for all to enjoy.” The Carolinas’ have some of the finest greenway systems in the country!

9 Mar 2011

March Madness Is Upon Us

Feeling crazy?  Feeling anxiety coming on?  Feeling a little bit of insanity creeping up again?  Yes, it’s that time of year again, when the whole month of March is dedicated to pulling for your favorite college basketball team or that underdog that no one saw coming!  Time to fill out those tournament brackets and give that money to the office sports junkie who runs the pool for everyone – not that anyone has a pool at the office….

It’s always a special time of year here in Greensboro, NC as we often host the ACC Basketball tournament; one of the most prestigious basketball tournaments in the country. In March, 2011 we host both the ACC Women’s and Men’s Basketball tournaments and, over the years, we have been lucky to host 21 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournaments.  Just recently we have added the ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament, the NCAA first & second rounds from time-to-time, and a regional event.  Thus, it should come as no surprise that Greensboro has been renamed “Tournament Town!”

8 Mar 2011

Award Season Draws to A Close

Awards season has come to an end…well almost.

Allen Tate Award Season culminated in a fun black tie Gala at the Charlotte Country Club Saturday night.  The company’s top producers donned their tuxes and evening dresses to dance the night away to the sounds of Voltage Brothers. There were lots of good conversations and the food was delicious. It is always nice to get to spend time away from the office with our colleagues and reconnect with our peers from across the footprint. And those of us who are ACC basketball fans even got to watch the big game between Duke and Carolina on a big screen TV set up just for the occasion (Carolina won…go Heels!).

7 Mar 2011

The Difference Between Cost and Price

Are you waiting for home prices to fall before you act?

It makes sense to try to buy a home when you believe it has hit the rock bottom price. I totally get that. In some areas where there is additional depreciation to be played out, waiting can be the right move to make. But overall, I believe that waiting is not a good financial decision. As a buyer, unless you are paying cash, you need to be looking at Cost not Price.

What is the difference between cost and price? The cost of a home is made up of the interest rate that is paid as well as price.

The 4th quarter housing research report of last year stated that sales in America rose 15.4 percent over the 3rd quarter. With each passing day, the stability of housing prices is taking shape.  As soon as Realtors, appraisers, bankers, buyers and sellers all understand the new value system then normalcy can begin take hold.  Someone who delayed buying a house because of the price might find that prices have actually not decreased. They’ve simply re-adjusted to the new normal. But as Paul Harvey always said, “Now … the rest of the story.”

4 Mar 2011

Is There Anything Besides Real Estate?

Sounds like a dumb question doesn’t it?  For the first part of my life I didn’t know there was anything else but real estate!

I grew up in a family of builders – my grandfather was a builder, my father was a builder, and my brother became a builder.  My mother was the Realtor who sold my father’s new homes.  Our family get-together’s revolved around new homes and discussions at the dinner table were often about the real estate business.

During my high school summers, I worked on the new home construction site and often found myself putting down the hammer to talk to the consumers looking to buy the houses.  A natural love of helping people get into a home started by the time I was 16 or 17 years old.  I attended the University of NC at Chapel Hill, and during those summers I started working in my mother’s real estate office.

3 Mar 2011

Have You Visited Rock Hill, South Carolina Recently?

Home to Winthrop University, York Technical College, and Clinton Jr. College, Rock Hill, South Carolina is a growing community of 67,000 plus residents 20 miles south of Charlotte, NC and is the largest city in York County, SC. It started as a railroad stop in 1852 and was incorporated in 1892 after business started to thrive as a result of the railroad.  Old Town is the heart of Rock Hill and encompasses the historic downtown and the city’s original neighborhoods.

Earlier this year, Rock Hill Mayor Doug Echols met with our Rock Hill office REALTORS to update us on the latest community news:

2 Mar 2011

Why Realtors Can’t Talk About Schools

When I ask “What are you looking for in a home”, many buyers’ first response is “I want to live in a safe neighborhood with good schools.”

Though I desperately want to give my clients the answers that they are looking for, the federal fair housing laws prohibit me from being able to give my opinion on this request.

As stated in a recent Realtor Magazine article, “Federal fair housing law consists of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, otherwise known as the Fair Housing Act. The act, as amended in 1988, provides that no one can be discriminated against in the sale, rental, or financing of residential dwellings on the basis of these protected classes: Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familial status, and National origin.”

And, as of January 2011, Realtors® Code of Ethics also does not allow discrimination based on sexual orientation. (See the recent blog from Tom Gongaware on this topic.)

1 Mar 2011

The Real Estate Roller Coaster Ride

The past several months have been a roller coaster ride for the real estate industry. There have been ups and downs — highs and lows — and everything in between.  But regardless of the market conditions, most buyers are still looking for a great deal.

Luckily, for most there are a lot of great deals to be had.  It’s a matter of finding the house that fits all of your needs and qualifications at the right price. For some, purchasing a corporate or REO home has been a way to make this all come together.

Corporate Homes are generally executive homes where the seller has been transferred and has received a corporate buyout.  REO (Real Estate Owned) properties are bank owned foreclosed properties.

27 Feb 2011

The Envelope Please….

We are pleased to announce that Allen Tate Company has earned the Website Quality Certification (WQC) for the 2ndyear in a rowLeading Real Estate Companies of the World will officially present the award at its 2011 Conference on March 9th in Las Vegas.

Every aspect of was evaluated to ensure standards were met in 6 key areas including design, content, human interactivity, and search engine optimization.  The award was introduced in 2009 to recognize and encourage superior websites among its 600 member firms.


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