Author: Robin Price

5 Feb 2018

New Year resolutions that can jeopardize your identity

We’ve rung in the New Year, so naturally it’s time to do self-reflection and declare your resolutions. Many attempts to become a better you, however, can jeopardize your identity. Follow these tips to protect your information: Get in shape. Ready to hit the gym and search for your elusive six-pack abs? When you apply for membership, be cautious about how much personal information you give. If you are required to provide a social security number or copy of your driver’s license, don’t be afraid to ask how the gym keeps that information safe. Identity thieves target gym lockers for wallets and purses, so bring a strong lock and choose a locker in the most high-traffic, visible part of the locker room. Ask the gym...
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23 Mar 2017

#TBT When it rains and the wind blows

Our warm, sunny March is leading us right into April shower season!  With those rains we can easily have power outages, flooding and fallen trees. There’s nothing fun about a huge tree falling and damaging our own things, but when it falls on our neighbors’ property, it’s even worse.  Allen Tate Insurance is often asked the question – when a tree falls, who is responsible? You may be surprised by the answer! If a tree on your neighbor’s property is in “good condition” and it falls onto your home/property during bad weather, it will be your responsibility to file a claim with your insurance company since the damage did not occur due to any negligence on your neighbor’s part.  In this instance,...
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11 Jan 2011

Owning Your Own Business: Get Insured

With the employment implications of a changing economy there is an increase of folks that are starting their own business. Many have decided to turn lemons into lemonade by finally taking massive action in their latent dream to pursue the ownership of their very own business.

The question is if you decide to start a business in your home, what should you do for insurance? To give you an idea of where to begin, most homeowners’ policies have a limit of about $2,500 for losses occurring on the premises of the home business.

There are endorsements available to your homeowner’s policy that can add coverage to include your business exposures, however, you must decide if that is adequate coverage. In most cases the endorsements are only going to cover smaller home-based business exposures up to $5,000, or double the original homeowner’s policy.

7 Jan 2011

New Years Resolutions: Sticking to Them?

Admit it.  Every year we make promises to ourselves to change for the next year. We vow to make our lives better, our body healthier, and ourselves happier.  Sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we don’t —– things can often be so much easier said than done!

This year, make an easy New Year’s resolution.  Commit to getting an insurance physical!

An insurance physical is just as important as our yearly health physical—except the preventative measures protect us from FINANCIAL hardship.

3 Dec 2010

Time for the Holidays: Are You Insured?

It’s Party Time!  Am I covered?

The holiday season is usually filled with plenty of events to fill up your calendar and sometimes, you are the host or hostess!

It may sound silly but before you have a party or gathering at your home, check with your agent to be sure that you have the proper coverage on your insurance policy.

A homeowners insurance policy can include personal liability coverage, and most offer up to $500,000 or $1,000,000 in coverage.  It’s important that you make sure that this coverage is in place prior to having a party or holiday gathering at your home. In case something happens or someone gets hurt while they are there, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

25 Nov 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

All families celebrate Thanksgiving in different ways, which is what makes this holiday so wonderful. Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and children who don’t spend enough time together during the year use this special day to see one another.

Each year my family sets the menu so everyone can bring their own specialty dish.

We pray, thank God for all our blessings and enjoy one another’s company.    Lunch starts promptly at noon, and if you are late we have already said the blessing and started eating.   Before my mom passed away she required us to be on time, so we make it our mission not to be late!

9 Nov 2010

Winterize Your Home Now

As the weather gets colder and colder and we move into winter here in the Carolinas, it’s important to take the proper measures to winterize your home to prevent losses and future claims.

Here are some main points on winterizing your home:

  • Prepare your fireplace by inspecting the damper, storing chopped firewood away from your home, and removing soot and creosote.
  • Call an HVAC professional to inspect and clean your furnace. The best piece of advice I can give you is to turn the furnace on and have it inspected before the coldest winter months. The last thing you want is to have a faulty furnace when the temperature starts to plummet.
  • Inspect your doors and windows for cracks and exposures. According to EarthWorks Group, the average American home has leaks that amount to a nine-square-foot hole in the wall…that’s a lot of cold air coming into your home during those winter months!
3 Nov 2010

Teenage Drivers and Insurance

Is there any way to lower the cost of insurance for my teenager?

Let me tell you.  I’ve been there.  I have two adult children now, but I remember the insurance impact of their driving like it was yesterday!  After getting the quotes, I thought I was having a heart attack.

Luckily, I wasn’t…..but that didn’t help ease the financial stress that having a teen driver on the road imposed on us.

7 Oct 2010

Condo v. Townhouse: What’s the Difference?

So often we are asked the question—is there really a difference between a town home and a condo?

The answer, especially when it comes to insurance, is YES!

A town home is typically a residence that is attached to other residences, but the buyer owns the land on which it is built.

A condo is often more like an apartment, in a building of many other residences, but the buyer does not own any of the land the condo is built on.

22 Sep 2010

Your New Home- Are You Protected?

The process of buying a new home is an exciting and daunting one. It can be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of it all, especially when purchasing your new insurance coverage.  You may want to stop and think about a few things before diving in.

Your furniture, while in transit to your new home, will NOT be covered by your new home coverage.   Be sure to discuss this with your current agent.  Your moving company may provide some coverage but it will not be as broad as what can be provided under your homeowners insurance.    Can you imagine if something happens to your mother’s china and you had no coverage for breakage?   What if your antique desk was destroyed?