Author: Karen Murray

18 Apr 2017

A healthy lesson

There’s a phrase that inspires a burst of excitement in every school kid: We’re going on a field trip. But here’s the irony. Most of those students don’t realize that a field trip is not a “free” day with no class or tests, but rather, a very clever way for teachers to disguise even bigger life lessons. Each school year, more than 20,000 North Carolina students make that journey to the Poe Center for Health Education in Raleigh, N.C. The non-profit, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, is part museum, part classroom, part theater and part playground, all rolled into a neat bundle of experiential healthy learning that fascinates children of all ages. Their 2-3 hour field trip to...
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11 Apr 2017

Millennials: Is it time to buy your first home?

First, your brother did it, and then your colleague from work. And this past weekend, your best friend decided to take the plunge. So maybe it’s time for you to do it, too. Because this year, one-third of all homebuyers will be Millennials. We get it; you’re swamped with student loans and building your professional career. So maybe buying a home hasn’t been at the top of your to-do list. And frankly, buying a home is a big step – at any age. It’s exciting, but can also be a bit overwhelming. Renting is easy. No yard work or maintenance, close to everything, maybe even an awesome gym, pool and coffee bar. Aside from the occasional roommate issue, what’s not to love? So how...
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21 Mar 2017

High flying in high heels

Some of us harbor secret dreams – and regrets – of a road not taken. But some of us listen to that inner voice and seize the opportunity, no matter the risk. When Keaira Huffman was young, she imagined herself on television as a famous broadcaster. Her brains and talent landed her a full scholarship to the University of South Carolina to study broadcast journalism. She stayed for exactly three days before coming home. That's because another dream was calling this young woman, now an Allen Tate Realtor® in the company's Greer, S.C., office. She wanted to fly. Huffman was no stranger to aviation; her grandfather often entertained her with tales from his days flying in the U.S. Air Force in the 1950s....
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1 Mar 2017

Classroom Central: The magic of school supplies

When Britnee Reid (pictured above) dreamed of becoming a middle school science teacher, she envisioned a classroom of children taking careful notes, creating projects with colored pencils and scissors, and packing homework in their backpacks each day. Teachers in qualifying schools have the opportunity to “shop” with Classroom Central each month for supplies for their students. What she didn't imagine was a room full of students who came to class with no supplies. Reid, a fourth-year teacher at York Chester Middle School in Gastonia, N.C., later learned that approximately 50 percent of students in the six-district greater Charlotte region - 100,000 kids - can't afford lunch, let alone school supplies. Some children are homeless. "There's just no extra money," said...
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24 Feb 2017

Swimming with sharks

If you’re looking to tour a home in Greensboro on a Friday morning, Allen Tate Realtor® Wayne Young will need to reschedule. He’s busy then – swimming with sharks. For the past year, Young has spent almost every Friday morning as a volunteer diver at the Greensboro Science Center, where he spends one hour in the 90,000-gallon aquarium filled with 300 marine animals, including five sharks. Young, a certified SCUBA diver, has been diving since he was a teenager in Texas. He earned a degree in marine biology at Texas A&M University, then spent some time in the Merchant Marines before embarking on what would become a 21-year career as a middle school science teacher “Then it was time to teach someone else,...
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