Author: Karen Mason

20 Mar 2018

5 questions to ask before becoming a landlord

Whoever first decided to categorize rental properties as a source of passive income, clearly was not a landlord. Just ask Allen Tate Regional Vice President Tony Jarrett. “If you’re thinking of becoming a landlord, either by purchasing investment properties or by renting out a home you’re not currently living in, then there’s work to be done!” Jarrett has assisted many successful landlords throughout his real estate career; but he knows of some disappointing outcomes, too. So Jarrett’s first advice to anyone considering a role as landlord is to get definitive, detailed answers to these five questions: How do I disconnect my emotions from the property? If you are transitioning a property from “home, sweet home” to a rental, those nostalgic feelings about...
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27 Feb 2018

Credit score surprises and what to do about them

Smooth sailing. Wouldn’t you like to describe your mortgage application experience this way? You can – and this is true even if you encounter the “dreaded” credit score surprise, says Vice President of Loan Origination for Allen Tate Mortgage, Lisa Green. That’s right: You don’t have to fret over a credit score that’s not what you expected. In fact, Green continues, “You may discover that your homebuying credit score is higher than you thought it was.” Free credit score reports are offered today by many credit card companies and credit services. “But these companies use a different credit model than mortgagers do,” she explains. “Their model is designed for personal or car loans, or credit card applications, which are smaller commitments...
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