Author: Phyllis Brookshire

26 May 2017

Do you wanna buy a house? Here’s step 3: Pick the right one

Ah, the fun part--finally. We’ve got a lot to cover to get you ready to ace the home search process like a pro, so we’ll get right down to it. Step 1. Make your wish list Wanted: Charming 1950’s-style bungalow. Open floor plan, updated kitchen and bathrooms and space for furry friends to roam around outside needed. Must be within walking distance to grocery stores, shopping and restaurants. When you close your eyes and think about what your future home looks like what do you see? Whatever you desire, write it down--and don’t forget to bring this along with you during the house hunt! Here’s some common factors you might want to consider while you create your list: Style: Is there a particular look...
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19 May 2017

Do you wanna buy a house? Here’s step 2: How much can you afford?

We see you, potential homebuyer. Once you decided to stop renting and start looking for a place to call your own, you’ve been crusin’ through Pinterest’s home section like it’s your job. And good thing your dream home board has unlimited storage because you’re definitely saving every other pin, all the while adding to your ever-evolving can’t live without list. While compiling no less than 4,756 photos of updated, craftsman-style, open floor plan bungalows is certainly a fun step in the home buying process, a more important exercise in this stage of the game is figuring out just how much house you can afford.  Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds--here’s how to make sure your dream home doesn’t...
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12 May 2017

Do you wanna buy a house? Here’s step 1: Choose the right Realtor

Congratulations! You’re about to embark on one of the largest financial decisions in your life as you purchase your first home. And with experts predicting rent prices only increasing, not to mention the fact that current mortgage rates are very low, historically speaking,  affording a home has never been easier on your wallet. And here to give you the lowdown on the whole process, comes a series of blogs designed to help you successfully maneuver through your first home buying experience. First up on your checklist is finding the right Realtor for you--because, after all, your Realtor is your biggest ally, your confidant, and your self-appointed BFF for the next six to nine months. In other words, choose carefully. Why you need a...
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13 Jan 2011

Knox Realty Merges with Allen Tate Company

We are pleased to announce that Allen Tate Realtors has joined forces with Knox Realty, Inc., a 37-year-old, full-service real estate firm located in downtown Davidson, N.C. Over the years, we have been fortunate to partner with 17 other independent companies (this makes #18). We continue to be a company founded on real estate families coming together to serve their communities with a higher level of tools and market exposure.

5 Jan 2011

Greater Charlotte: Real Estate Trends in 2011

As I look into the crystal ball again, this time to see what the Charlotte residential market will look like in this new year, the picture looks promising.

Forecasts on the national level are predicting increased demand in 2011.  There are 4 factors that impact housing demand:

  • Household Formation
  • Job Growth
  • Housing Affordability
  • Demographics

Economic growth leads to job growth; job growth leads to household formation.  Projections for continued overall economic recovery should be amplified in the Charlotte areaWith accolades such as “Best Large County for Business Recruitment”, “Second Economic Strength Ranking”, and “#2 Best City for Entrepreneurs” there is no doubt that companies will continue to relocate to the area and grow their current businesses.

28 Dec 2010

Looking Back on 2010

2010 has almost drawn to a close and it is time to reflect.

I saw the very funny JibJab Video with President Obama and Vice President Biden singing “So long to ya 2010” and it made me think what the Allen Tate version of that video would look like…

The real estate industry has been challenged the last several years (of course so have several other industries).  But those of us who have survived are better companies, REALTORS, and trusted advisors than we were before the economy took its downturn. And while I am happy to see 2010 in the rearview mirror, it was a good year in a lot of ways. And we are well positioned to soar in 2011.

17 Dec 2010

What Steve Harney Taught Us

The holidays visit us only once a year (sad but true). This year we were fortunate to have  Steve Harney visit us not once but several times across the footprint and this week he made a holiday travel stop at our offices.

For those who may not know, Steve Harney is the leading expert in negotiation and sales training for residential real estate professionals.  I have had the privilege of working with Steve over the last several years.  His ability to explain things in a simple way has really taught me how important that is. The more complicated things get, the more we have to distill them to the barest form to really understand their true meaning.

Attending his sessions I was blown away, as usual, by his insights and thoughts as to where we, the real estate industry and the general public, are heading.

30 Nov 2010

Triangle: Real Estate in 2011

It is that time of year that we look into the crystal ball and see what we believe the real estate climate will look like in the coming months.  Here are some thoughts about real estate in the Triangle in 2011.

Beginning mid-2010, the Triangle residential real estate industry was poised for a slow economic recovery. Thanks to a relatively healthy job market, historically low mortgage interest rates and the (now expired) homebuyer’s tax credit, that prediction largely came true.

The population growth and overall strong economy in the Triangle continue to be positives as we look ahead. However, to employ a now overused phrase, we’re not out of the woods yet. We enter 2011 optimistic but with our eyes wide open.

16 Nov 2010

Real Estate Headlines Cause Confusion

confused-manThe real estate headlines continue to be confusing.

Two weeks ago I read a headline that said “10% jump in September Existing Home Sales.”

Last week there was a headline that read “September Pending sales slip 1.8%.”

How can that be? The first article references CLOSED transactions.  The second article references transactions that went UNDER CONTRACT in September.

Both reports were comparing September 2010 activity to August 2010 activity.  The numbers vary by region throughout the country.  And, when you look at numbers specifically for the Carolinas, you will find that September sales and closings were behind August sales and closings.


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