Author: Aprill Jones

15 Feb 2018

5 things you risk when you sell without an agent

While some real estate markets are hot right now, others in the Carolinas are trending more toward normal. Whatever the circumstance where you live, it’s overall a good time to sell, and you may be feeling so confident in the desirability of your home that you’re considering sticking up a For Sale By Owner sign to see what happens. After all, you can just market your home yourself. “Okay. Slow down there,” says Phyllis Brookshire, Allen Tate Realtors® President. “I’ve been preaching for the last ten years that a real estate agent’s value is way beyond marketing. It is especially crucial to have an agent from contract to closing, when things can and do go wrong, that the average homeowner will...
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11 Jan 2018

When you move, does your insurance move, too?

If you’ve recently relocated, there are a lot of details demanding your attention, no matter if you’ve moved to a different state or just across town. One item to make sure to include on your to-do list is changing over insurance to your new location. Your vehicles A move may signal a good time to shop auto insurance rates, as location and length of commute will help determine your premiums. For instance, if you’ve moved from a larger city in the Carolinas to a small town, your rates may change. And if you’ve moved to a new state, be aware that insurance and rates from one state do not transfer to another state. Ask your agent or insurance company to review your auto...
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4 Jan 2018

Ten Reasons to List Your House This Winter

Cold enough for ya? Well, don’t worry, you’re in the Carolinas, and it’s unlikely to last. We just hope for enough cold in the winter to keep the bugs down in the summer. So why, I was wondering, are Carolina homeowners reluctant to list their homes in the winter? I put the question to Allen Tate Realtors President, Phyllis Brookshire, who gave me the answer, along with ten darn good reasons to list now, before Jack Frost gives way to Peter Cottontail. 1. Low Inventory From July 1, 2016 to July 1, 2017, North Carolina’s total population increased by nearly 117,000 individuals. This number surpassed last year’s total population increase, and marks the largest single year increase in the state’s population since 2010. In...
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21 Dec 2017

Buying? Selling? You can do both successfully. (Part 2)

You’re ready to move on, perhaps because you fell in love with another one. You need to get out of the first relationship while transitioning smoothly to the next. Can you do it without getting hurt? It’s complicated. Part 2. Friends do it. Family does it. Some of you have done it. Just looking around online, without any intention of making a change. Then that one special one catches your eye. And the next day, when you drive to the store, you take the long way, and drive by the address. Your heart leaps, and you’re a goner. You have to have that house. Of course I’m talking about houses! Like when you put your house on the market because you’ve found another...
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12 Dec 2017

Real estate projections for 2018

With thoughts turning toward the holidays, it’s only natural to also start thinking about 2018. Specifically, I’ve been wondering how the real estate landscape in the Carolinas is shaping up for the New Year. It’s been an extremely busy, yet volatile 2017, with some houses selling in three days with multiple offers, while other houses sat on the market through three seasons. Yep, a hot real estate market keeps us all on our toes, whether we’re buyers, sellers, real estate professionals, or just curious homeowners. “I think we can expect more of the same in 2018,” Allen Tate Companies President and CEO Pat Riley told me during a recent conversation. “The largest generation in history, the Baby Boomers, are living longer, healthier, and...
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7 Dec 2017

Buying? Selling? You can do both successfully (Part 1)

It’s complicated. That’s a Facebook status someone may put on Facebook when between relationships, or getting ready to be. Something like when you put your house on the market while you look for a house. Or, buying a house before you put your house on the market. Or trying to make both happen at the same time. Want, or need to move to another house in the Carolinas, and wondering how to navigate the market successfully while you are selling and buying? I was, too, so I had a conversation with Phyllis Brookshire, President, Allen Tate Realtors, to get some answers. I started with the most obvious question, “Is it best to buy first or sell first or try to do both...
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30 Nov 2017

Throwing a holiday party? Make sure you’re covered!

Ah, the holidays. Some of you are giddy with excitement, and some of you might be mumbling bah-humbug already. I know this. So, it seemed like a good time to offer some tips for helping you navigate parties and guests, while keeping your risks to a minimum. I caught up with Robin Price, president, Allen Tate Insurance, and asked her how to get “merry and bright” right when it comes to insurance coverage. Before the festivities get started You can go ahead and deck the halls, but before you host a holiday dinner or throw a big party, check your property insurance (e.g., homeowners, renters, condominium) for property damage and liability coverage. Remember, it doesn't matter whether you invite one guest or a...
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21 Nov 2017

From grills to fire pits, 6 ways to keep it all safe and fun

The fall season in the Carolinas brings cooler temperatures, and time to get back outdoors for tailgating, home cookouts, marshmallow roasts or simply mellowing out by an outdoor fire. Robin Price, President, Allen Tate Insurance, reminded me that while having fun, we should be careful. In the U.S., 7,000 Americans are injured every year while using a grill (ABC news). And since, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects, fire pits, or outdoor fireplaces, are the No. 1 requested design feature today, a quick review of safety precautions would probably be a good thing. So we chatted last week, before I could run outside eagerly with my fire starter lighter. “First,” Robin says, “Read the safety instructions that came with...
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7 Nov 2017

7 questions to ask during your listing presentation

Putting your home on the market is a great idea— but first things first, who will be your listing agent? Start asking friends, neighbors and family for their Realtor® recommendations, then check out their professional online presence. Narrow down your choices and pick the top three you’d like to schedule for a listing presentation. Next, be a savvy seller and know the questions to ask during their presentation. This will help you compare each agent fairly and select the one who fits you best. Get started with these 7 questions: 1) Can you tell me about your experience in residential real estate? Years of experience, number of listings and homes sold in a 12-month period, average days on the market and...
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19 Oct 2017

Insuring your haunted house

What does Robin Price, President, Allen Tate Insurance, think about all the Halloween celebrations coming up in the Carolinas? It seemed a worthy question, because it looks like we are all in for Halloween, which is second only to the Christmas season in consumer spending for decorations. Robin even mentioned she had seen in Property and Casualty 360, that according to the National Retail Foundation (NRF), more than 171 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year, and 71 percent of Americans plan to hand out candy, with nearly half also decorating their homes. So which witch where? We can’t get enough of Halloween stuff, for the inside and outside of our houses, with elaborate displays that range from haunted houses in...
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