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When it comes to interior decorating, it can be hard to decide what pieces to use in your home. Trends come and go every year with each passing season. What’s hot one minute can become outdated within seconds.

Creating a fresh, modern, and trendsetting space can be difficult. This year, we are looking at some of interior design’s most overused and exhausted trends. Check out our 9 picks that need a break from the spotlight.

Just remember, when you’re decorating your space, use colors, textures, and pieces that YOU love. Your space should reflect your personality and who you are.

All white everything

White walls, white cabinets, white furniture, and white flooring…as clean and streamlined as it looks, it can be hard to keep clean. It’s great to keep spaces feeling fresh and open, but solid white rooms lack personality. Colorful spaces can feel just as refreshing and clean if done properly. Add a colorful, Oriental patterned rug or a jewel toned glass vase to break up the starkness of the white.

Edison bulbs

This hipster trend that started in the early 2010s is getting worn out. Almost every coffee shop or local hot spot has incorporated this lighting style to create an energizing and authentic atmosphere. While it looks artsy and great in photographs, it’s a little overdone. It was originally unique and different, but it has lost it’s magic touch and special effects overtime. It’s time to ditch the Edison bulbs in favor of new lighting.

Minimalist art and accents

Decluttering and organization are still in high gear across households everywhere, causing the minimalist aesthetic to disappear. So long are the empty walls, lack of decor, and overall blank canvases. Interior spaces are filling up with color and artisan decor, adding more character and depth into every room in the house. Gallery walls and pottery are great ways to escape this outdated trend. 

High school terrazzo tile

Terrazzo tile takes us back to school where year after year we had to walk in straight single file lines down locker filled hallways without making a peep. These tiles have made a comeback in recent years, but this trend is not staying long. The pattern is hard to match and can easily look cheap and tacky. Instead, granite, quartz, and marble are more practical and durable options for countertops. Plus, they have a classic appearance. For flooring, opt for hardwood or laminate for a look that will never go out of style.

Dark grey colors

While this color is a great neutral to use as the base for decorating or accents, it’s all a little too common in interior spaces these days. What ever happened to color? Not only do these dark shades make spaces feel closed off, they lack personality. If you want neutral colors in your space, nudes, shades of white, and light greys help open up rooms, create an airy space, and flow well with the rest of your house. But if you’re looking to add a pop of color, then choose a color palette you like for the walls, furniture, and decor.

Open spaces

This trend is slowly going away in favor of walls. People are starting to build their walls back up to separate their space into designated rooms again. While the concept of open spaces is great, there are times when it is impractical. Cooking in the kitchen can be distracting for people watching television in the living room, and the same goes for dining in the same space you work.

Industrial overload

This bold look has had enough time in the spotlight, especially in kitchen spaces. The amount of brass and copper accents we’ve come across has made us uninspired by the theme. Pipe handles, knobs, and trimmings are overused.

Bye bye bo-ho

Unless you’re a teenage girl decorating her college dorm room, full on bohemian looks are a little much. Don’t get us wrong, we love geometric patterned textiles, cactus plants, and natural fiber accents, but using all pieces at once is overwhelming. It doesn’t have a polished appearance, and often, people get rid of these themed pieces rather quickly. Opt for more artisan goods that you’ll hold onto for a long time and actually use. 

Word art

This trend has been around for years and, let’s be real, aren’t we all a little sick of the “live, laugh, love” signs that are hanging in almost all of our friends and neighbors’ houses? Word art can be a great way to show your personality and add character to a room, but these pieces are easily cheesy and cheap. Choose art pieces that make a statement and have more meaning to them.

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