8 Mar 2017

#TBT Home staging secrets

“All the world’s a stage” – and so is your home when it’s on the market. It’s important that you present your property in a way that helps buyers visualize themselves at home – in your home.

To give your home that “wow” factor and distinguish it from the competition:

1. Get rid of clutter.

Most of us have it, but when you’re trying to sell a home, clutter can distract buyers from what you really want them to notice.

Pare down your belongings and remove personal items, such as photos, children’s artwork and vacation souvenirs. You’ll enhance your home visually, and make the space look bigger. But don’t hide your clutter in the closet: You’ll want to show off your storage space, too.

2. Every room needs a purpose.

Buyers will be distracted by a room that appears to have no function other than to collect junk.

Repurpose unused space to add value. A comfortable armchair and lamp can be used in a small space to create a cozy reading nook. Or drape fabric and add cushions and create a yoga room.

3. Use wall color to make rooms look bigger.

Using the same wall color in adjacent rooms will create an easy flow and make the entire space look bigger.

4. Speaking of paint …

Neutral colors on large walls or in central living areas are recommended. Neutral doesn’t necessarily mean white; it can be shades of tan or blue-greens. If you favor darker colors, use those in smaller spaces to create a more intimate feel.

5. Let furniture “float.”

Don’t push furniture against the walls; it makes the room look smaller. Arrange pieces in the middle of the room and create cozy seating arrangements.

6. Three is king.

When accessorizing, use an odd number of objects. Three is a good choice. Vary accessories by shape and size and make sure each grouping has a unifying theme, such as color or texture.

7. Fresh is best.

Fresh flowers give any home visual appeal and warmth. Consider seasonal decor, such as holly berries in winter. Use clippings from the yard if you have a green thumb.

8. Eliminate unfinished projects.

Incomplete home projects highlight imperfections. Finish projects before you list your home and don’t start any new ones that can’t be easily finished.

9. Let there be light.

Make sure rooms are properly lighted. Consider different types of lighting and use a mix of overhead, pendant, under-cabinet, table and wall fixtures. Keep it simple, however. Buyers don’t want ornate fixtures.

10. Go to the spa – at home.

Accessorize bathrooms using scented candles and neatly rolled, high-quality towels. Make potential buyers want to stay and relax for awhile – a long while.

For more tips on putting your home “on stage,” talk to your Allen Tate Realtor®. And then expect award-winning results.


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