3 Feb 2017

Big game grub

Would it surprise you to find out that, on average, a whopping 52 percent of viewers tuning into the big game aren’t even football fans. Fifty-two percent? How can that be?

One word, people: food.

I can certainly appreciate any event that heavily emphasizes highly addictive, artery-clogging food, and it seems I’m not alone — our friends at the Chicken Council say Americans are expected to chow down on nearly 1.25 billion chicken wings this Sunday. And if you’re in to math (because, who isn’t?), based on the average number of people who will be glued to their TVs, that’s roughly 11 chicken wings per person.  

Tired of serving up the same appetizers year after year? Take the guesswork out of the equation with some of our picks for the best crowd-pleasing dishes sure to satisfy.

Chicken wings
Second only to Thanksgiving, the Big Game on Sunday is one of the largest food consumption days in America. And with chicken wings being one of the most popular dishes traditionally served on game day, you better gear up, because the biggest battle isn’t going to be won on the turf — it’ll be fought in aisle seven at the grocery store. Hit the store bright and early Saturday  morning to make sure you score all the necessary ingredients before it’s too late.

Shrimp po’ boy sliders
As someone whose family hails from the Bayou region, I love a good po’ boy. Psst, don’t wimp out on the cajun seasoning, because it’s not a po’ boy without it.

Chips and dip
Six layer dip is a unique spin on the traditional chips and dip. This recipe is super easy to make, but no one has to know that but you! Don’t forget to pair this dip with a more substantial chip like scoops, or you’ll have people bobbing for chips.

Pigs in a blanket
Satisfying to both adults and children alike, you can’t go wrong with pigs in a blanket. Pillsbury gets in the football spirit with their recipe for pigskins in a blanket.

Jalapeno popper spread
The antacid you’ll have to swallow for all three meals on Monday will be worth it for a recipes like this. My friend makes this spread for football parties and says it’s always the first to be eaten, so this is either really yummy or she’s got hungry party-goers. Given the words “jalapeno” and “popper” have come together for this gift of a spread, I can only imagine it’s to-die-for.

Tater tot grilled cheese
What could possibly be better than the combination of tater tots and grilled cheese? Nothing. So make this and win at hosting the best game day party.  

Introduce your party goers to a new twist on an old classic with the barbecue bloody mary and the beer margarita, or try something unique and sample a smoked-rosemary rum punch. Yum!


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