30 Sep 2016

Any Time Is a Good Time for an Open House #FlashbackFriday

If you are shopping for a home, or even before you start shopping for a home, consider attending some open houses.

Open houses are a great way to get thinking like a home buyer. You can oohhh and aaahhh over the amenities you see and get a sense of what you want in your next home. They can also be great for getting decorating tips, as these homes typically have been staged to wow everyone.

In addition, you can learn about what you don’t want. For example, you may realize while taking tours that certain floor plans are more accommodating to your lifestyle than others.

Another benefit: If you don’t already have an agent, you may find one by attending an open house and talking to the agent hosting it. While you may not be interested in that particular house, you may find the agent knowledgeable and decide you want to work with him or her during your search.

When attending an open house, however, keep in mind these etiquette tips:

Do let people know if you are or expect to be represented by your own Allen Tate Realtor®. You want to avoid any misunderstandings if you happen to become interested in the home.

Do not schedule and attend a follow-up appointment directly with the showing or listing agent without your own Realtor®.

Do have your own Realtor® schedule any follow-up showings.

If you want to attend a new construction open house, have your Realtor® confirm it is okay if he or she doesn’t accompany you. Many new construction projects are not part of the local MLS, so the builder may not be required to honor the arrangement you have with your agent.

Above all, don’t forget to have fun. You might even accidentally come across your dream property as sometimes the best things happen when you aren’t looking for them.

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